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Dan Goodchild
2024.04.25 2024.04.25 | United Kingdom
Great business Met lots of good business people here and made good connections. Great place to meet new people
Mark newton
2024.04.19 2024.04.19 | United Kingdom
A welcoming group
Angela Ward
2024.03.26 2024.03.26 | United Kingdom
Great Chapter I visited the Chariots chapter, I was welcomed by a very friendly group of professional business people. All with great intentions of helping me to promote my business and introduce to me a huge network of contacts.

Date of experience: 19 March, 2024
George Tsafandakis
2024.03.03 2024.03.03 | United Kingdom
A group of focused business people looking to grow their businesses BNI Chariots is a group of focused business people looking to grow their businesses as well as yours. I frequently ask for insight into my business operating model and how I can improve. If I'm stuck solving a problem, there is no shortage of expertise ready to assist
Sam Mancey
2024.03.02 2024.03.02 | United Kingdom
So good to support a new business owner! Joined Chariots BNI as I’d started my own Coaching and Leadership training company after a long corporate career leading big teams so I was looking for a pseudo team to be part of instead and Chariots hit the spot. Yes it’s great for working collaboratively for passing and receiving referals but it’s been far better than expected to help you work on your business as you have so much in common from those in your group. It’s fun making good, social connections too. Don’t regret it as definitely supported me in establishing my company Sam Mancey Coaching and Consulting successfully. https://sammancey.com/
Mark Munnelly
2024.03.02 2024.03.02 | United Kingdom
Business Networking in Hertfordshire This has been a game changer for my business but also my personal development skills. It has allowed me to develop as a business person around a supportive group that are all driving in the same direction. I would encourage anyone that is looking for more sales for the business to come down and meet everyone and see how the group help each other.
Terry Howard
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
BNI networking Hertfordshire BNI networking Hertfordshire has been a very worthwhile experience. It was 90% of my business when I started, and has helped me and my business grow and develop. I now have a great client base in the area which continues to grow.
Charlie Arnett
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
Over the past 2 years I’ve had great privilege of sharing some fantastic moments as well as great business. It is an enjoyable place to be at with the added bonus of developing my business and personally skills. Joining BNI was the best business decision I’ve made and look forward to working along side all these great other businesses in the future.
Paul Edelston
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
Structured networking with like-minded people BNI has been transformational in helping to develop my businesses. Not only has it proved to be a constant source of genuine opportunities to gain new projects but I have made true friends and business partners over the years. If I need help or advice there is usually someone who can help or knows someone they trust which can be a great advantage.
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
I have a great experience with BNI. Lot of trusted people to do business with! Been a member for 4 years counting.
Liam Stanbridge
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
Driving Business Success Absolutely thrilled with my experience at BNI St. Albans (Chariots). In just a few short months, I've witnessed tangible business growth directly attributable to my involvement. Beyond the impressive business opportunities, the caliber of individuals within the group is exceptional. The atmosphere is professional yet welcoming, fostering genuine connections and collaboration. The support and camaraderie among members are unparalleled, creating an environment conducive to mutual success. If you're seeking a dynamic networking platform with proven results and outstanding individuals, look no further than BNI St. Albans (Chariots). Highly recommended.
Steve Bish
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
Wish I’d joined years ago! I was invited to come along as a visitor in November 2022 and joined the Chapter in January 2023. My return on investment has been phenomenal! My business now has a constant supply of high quality referrals and account for over 50% of our turnover. I really should have joined sooner.
daniel lee
2024.02.28 2024.02.28 | United Kingdom
A great networking group for business owners Would highly recommend everyone come and visit this group. I have been going for 2.5 years and it has been amazing for my business as well as brought about personal development. It is a group of passionate local business owners who want to help each other grow and collaborate on projects. A true business community.

Date of experience: 24 November, 2022