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Carly matheson
United Kingdom | 2024.04.08
AVOID AVOID AVOID My sons order never arrived paid next day delivery. Don't respond to any form of contact, and block you from social media. ABSOLUTE SCAMMERS
Cheryl Rock
United Kingdom | 2024.01.09
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY PKEASE READ REVIEWS ON TRUST PILOT If this is repeated than I apologise, I am trying to update as many reviews as possible to save people getting ripped off… Order 2 boxes of candy canes 21/12/23 , received an email to say they had been despatched , but they never arrived and I am only getting automated responses from my emails.

Date of experience: 21 December, 2023
Rebecca Oldham
United Kingdom | 2023.07.25
Absolutely shocking. Two days before going out of date and everything is cheese. Do not buy from American candy store is absolutely shocking. I only got 7 items for £30 one of the mystery boxes, everything is cheese all going out of date on the 13th of August this year 2023 the customer services is shocking. They don’t answer for ages and when they do answer they point blank refused to help even to the point saying you need to contact us direct even though I thought going on a chat with them is a contact direct I will be contacting trade standards as this is actually breaking the law. There is actually one bag of crisps that has no date on it at all and I will be passing all my information onto trading standards
THEY INTEND TO RIP YOU OFF- BEWAREM DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! Absolutely disgraceful! Ordered a simple package of drinks consisting of 5 cans only. It took 11 days for delivery and I'm in the UK! Excuses included, a company of eight Employees and Royal Mail one day strike. To add insult, the package arrived and 3 cans had only 5 days to expire. We would never buy the items if they were sold in a shop! We sent a photo of the soon to expire cans and the dates and catch numbers were visible on the base. Their response included: they'll pick up the cans and than the replacement will be sent out and a 50% discount on the next order. I wanted a complete refund on the 3 cans, as I had enough. Do they honestly believe I would wait days for the items to be picked up and sent back and a further 11 days minimum, for the replacement cans to be delivered and also reorder from this unprofessional company that intends to rip off their customers? Till this day, the issues hasn't been resolved. We live and learn. If I could aware zero stars??? I would never use this company again. Use Amazon. They sell these products on their website. At least if anything is wrong, Amazon will rectify the situation asap. Even if you don't have Prime? You'll still receive your items before 11 days and the shelf life would be a lot longer than 5 days!
Absolutely amazing experience, I ordered on Friday morning and my package arrived Monday morning ! Thank you so much American Candy Stores for all my goodies !
Very Fast Delivery
I was very happy with the products I received, they were exactly what I was looking for. The delivery time was quick and the sweets were well packaged. Would purchase again.
Decent selection of American products , fast delivery, will be going back time and time again !
Deborah Sullivan
Deborah Sullivan
Fantastic in every way ?
Great service, amazing selection of sweets and snacks, will definitely order again
AVOID UNTRUSTWORTHY Firstly I shop online a lot and this is the worst case of customer service I have ever come across. Please do not buy from this company untrustworthy time wasters. I ordered the clearance £10 mystery box . The description says filled with imported American sweets , treats and soda from a wide range of top brands . The box contained chocolate from the U.K. and Canada no soda was in the box . I phoned the company straight away no answer so I emailed them requesting they arrange a return at their expense. Emails back and forth lasted nearly 3 hours eventually they agreed a return and they would pay the cost of returning the order They asked me to reply back and they would send a return address , they have now gone silent but have been active on social media all weekend . Would also like to point out they sneakily changed the description of this item and took out the part where it says “imported American” I had a feeling this might happen so I had already screen recorded the page . I called them out and they admitted they had changed the description. They said to ensure this doesn’t happen again . In my opinion any decent company as soon as I messaged them with photo evidence , would reply that the were sorry and arrange a return no problem but the fact this took back and forth emails for 3 hours and the matter still has not been resolved speaks volumes and what sort of company I’m dealing with . Wish I had read the reviews on trust pilot before making my order as I’m not the only one that has had to deal with this awful company. I will be seeking legal advice . This is a list of what a received definitely not worth £10. Bubble gum 5g (Spain) Turtles 50g (Canada) Turtles 50g (Canada) Ruffles all dressed 60g (Canada) Cadbury Twirl 43g (UK) Cadbury creme egg 40g (UK) Cadbury creme egg mini 12g (UK) Hersheys egg 34g (UK) Reeses egg mini 12g (UK) Bonds chocolate coins 25g (UK) Twix peanut butter 47.6g (America) Chips ahoy cookies 44g (America) Warheads gumballs 28g (America) Toxic taste sour candy 3g x2 (America) Ruffles cheese 42.5g (America) EDIT Monday 21 June 17:34 Company not replying to emails in timely manner absolutely messing me around gave incorrect address when I went to buy postage the address did not match the address they provided . Really not happy have been chasing this since Saturday morning even had the cheek to ask me to update my trust pilot review. If this is not resolved by tomorrow will be reporting company to trading standards. EDIT Monday 21 June 18:24 Company have told me not to email them again apparently I’m rude ? what do they expect they sent me a order which was not as described I have been chasing a return since Saturday morning and they are not complying with consumer law . EDIT Monday 22 June 19:17 In response to company's reply I would not need to email 10 times if you resolved my problem would I. I have not been rude I will be uploading the entire email correspondence if you want to start lying . You admitted you were in the wrong that’s why you was so quick to change the product description. That fact is you are trying to cover your tracks . why are you mentioning the products are clearance what’s that got to do with my complaint I’m Fully aware I ordered clearance items and my complaint has nothing to do with that the description said filled with imported American which it was not . Maybe do some bedtime reading of the consumer rights act 2015 ? Edit Tuesday 22 June 11:00 Citizens advice have reported this company to trading standards on my behalf they will be looking into this company's business practices I have a reference number ,i have received legal advice.
Quick and efficient
Wasn't really worth the money I paid . Was packaged well and delivered quick
Amazing stock and quick delivery my no1 American candy store ?