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Pauline Cowell
How I was able to get it back It is fake and very fraudulent and they will swindle you to invest your money with a high promising returns which all fake. They tried a fast one on me once but i avenge by a recommendable via maiI: nick jover4 at Gm com which acted on my case and I was able to get it back including the bonus if you having same issues just reach out to him.
This website is a big joke!!!! This website is a big joke!!!! I played games there for many months, collected a lot of NFT as revards. But when I decided to sell it all, it turns out that all these prizes are worth a few cents. Plus, I have to pay a fee to this fraudulent company for wanting to sell NFT. Additionally, you must have premium to withdraw crypto from their wallet. On any other website for that many hours of online time, I would get 10-50x more. For me it's just a scam!!!
Astri Til
TThieving platform I would like to warn everyone against womplay.io, wombat and $WOMBAT token. After a few years with womplay I decided to sell all NFT and $WOM. The first unpleasant surprise, when I wanted to unstacking $WOM, I had to pay 4 or 5 times the fee. Then to exchange this token you have to pay 4-5 times the fee again. This is the most thief system I've ever seen!! You will lose a lot to get your pennies back. But when I had everything on my wombat wallet, I wanted to transfer to another external wallet. They blocked me, after the new update you have to pay $5.49/m premium to be able to do any transaction or transfer. Otherwise, you will get the answer every time NET usage too high and CPU not covered. This website paid before, pennies but paid. Now it has turned into a completely thieving platform that tries to steal your money.