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jacques f
West coast Canabis I've been ordering from WCC for multiple years and still no issues for me, they do reply to questions. Highly recommended, I am a regular customer. Love the products
smd logistics
KUSH LIQUID INCENSE KUSH LIQUID INCENSE Liquid incense has come to stay. It's so wonderful it goes without saying how good it is. Those who know it can testify and if you are looking to try something new then I must tell you are a Lil late, but then it's better late than never right? clear k2 incense spray liquid spray incense liquid incense 5ml ak 47 liquid k2
Sold fake wax then scammed me for the package Ordered 7gs of wax all of various kinds and consistency’s What I received looked nothing like the photos and did not get me high Opened a ticket on their website saying I’m not satisfied and have ordered from them before nothing like this happened Receive first photo Send the package back after getting first reply since it states send us photos of your order, aswell as order and original packaging Once they find out my order is on they way back to them they just emailed me with the second photo and I haven’t heard from them since. I figured a legitimate company would deny the package at the door or send it back once they got it, but no surprise my package was accepted and thanks to the radio silence on behalf of wcc there’s not much I can say or do to get my $150 value. After an experience like this I wouldn’t buy from anybody other than a weed store in Canada in 2022. Thanks for readin
Worst shipping ever Live in Saskatchewan, standard letter delivery anywhere in Canada to here is 3 days. These guys charge 20.00 shipping for orders under 150.00. I have had multiple instances of waiting over 8 days after paying their premium shipping rate. I am now approaching week 2 and my order isn't completed. I spoke to someone June 3 who promised it would be shipped ASAP. June 5, still hasn't shipped, yet, my order status says 'shipped June 6 via Canada Post' Well, it's not June 6 here. No confirmation email, nothing. You have to chase them down to find out what's going on, send multiple messages and hope you didn't get ripped off because they change their payee name constantly. You know, like all legitimate businesses do. It's absurd how much time I have to waste trying to get meds I've paid for .... and I'm on disability to boot. If you are on disability or have chronic pain - you just can't wait a couple weeks while being fed excuses due to incompetence. They take your money immediately, then you wait and wait ... and hope .... and wait some more. There is always an excuse for the 'technical' issue, payments and orders are not on the same server, or something lame like that. Why can't it be figured out by now? Canna Sweets is from the same area - their under 150.00 order shipping is 5 dollars less and arrives in 2 days, 3 maximum. Always. I've even had overnight from Canna Sweets and I've spent less with them than the 2K in 6 months with WCC. And don't even get me started on shorted orders! You can't complain, because, you have to video yourself opening their packages and scaling to show they messed up. I just got used to being shorted every order, maybe you do too? The last zip they sent was in two 14g packages that simply didn't weigh 14g. Just take it on the chin, like the shipping and undue stress. Oh what WCC fun!
Steve K
Excellent MOM Quality products are offered at a reasonable price. Orders are delivered well packaged and in a timely fashion.
Jamie Moshier
Liars and thieves Stole 100 dollars from me made me get gift cards so it would be discrete...said package was at my house...another lie...then wanted me to give a60 dollar gift card to delivery driver which never was at my house..asked for refund and they said they can't give refunds...lying cock suckers and thieves...the BBB has been contacted and I won't stop til the get closed down....fucking thieves
Happy customer
Still the best mom around In 2 years I have really never been disappointed. Customer service is great and so is the smoke, edibles and shrooms
Christine Koubek
microdosing Love this place, never had a problem. Every order is sent out right away. Very good quality. Microdosing mushrooms are great.
Best place to buy weed and mushrooms Every order I have made my customer service has been top notch and every thing I have ordered came in perfect condition and everything was all there!!
kaylene deveau
28 grams purple kush I ordered 28 grams of Purple Kush and it don't taste the same at all and don't even get me high. I have spend well over 5000 on this site and loved it until now . i'm really unsure i want to order again after this order. :+(
Samantha Smith
Favourite place to shop! Absolutely love this website. They always have great deals on weed and they have the best edibles. The strongest ones I have ever found but still taste amazing. I probably buy all of my weed paraphernalia from here. Vapes, grinders, mushroom capsules, CBD and THC oil. They never disappoint. They had a special for 4/20 and they gave a bunch of stuff with the order the more you ordered. So awesome. I live in Toronto surrounded by potshops and I rather just do an order twice a month from these guys Thank you WCC for being great!
West Coast Cannabis Best site Ever!!!!! WWC has the best products and prices by far. My last order had bonus freebies and all products were top quality. Thanks WWC you are the best!
Gabriel Archambault
Good products horrible customer service The products are good and prices are good. Unfortunately the customer service is another story. My last order had missing/damaged products. I sent multiple emails and talked to the live that 3 times. Everytime they would tell me the same (im assuming scripted) oh sorry we didnt see your email it went to spam excuse... wich gets old once they say it more than once without opening your emails. Its been over a week by this point so im assuming ive lost money paying for stuff i haven't received and dont really feel safe spending more money given the fact even if they make a mistake they seem to write it off as the clients problem and ignore any attemps at resolving the issue
WAS GOOD UNTIL NOW So i ordered from there in the last 2 years without any problem now i didnt get my package and they are doing nothing about it even contact canada post to fill out a complain but WCC HAVE TO FILL ONE TOO !!! And they dont
Lost e-transfer I placed an order and I made an error. I fixed the error and they accepted my e-transfer. I waited for my order and it was taking longer than usual. They said they never received my money and they canceled my order. The person I was dealing with finally found it. He said there was no order number attached to it. He was great to deal with and very patient with going back and forth with the e-mails. Their lip balm and cream I use for my arthritis works so good.
Tracking said delivered but package never arrived. Usually takes 3 days to arrive but this time it took longer than usual due to easter. Tracking said delivered to community mailbox and when i ran to get it there was nothing there. Never again.
thief in the end I never received my package they didn't send me anything I lost $1500 thief
The best 👌 Always fast shipping, awesome quality and great deals! Only order there now :)