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2024.05.13 2024.05.13 | United Kingdom
Excellent SIM I followed the simple instructions I was sent after ordering an eSIM and set it up the day before I left for the States. It worked fine from landing in the USA all through a 28 day road trip through Texas and New Mexico. I would definitely use this company again

Date of experience: 04 April, 2024
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.05.14
Thank you, HB, for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear our eSIM worked well for your trip. Looking forward to serving you on your next adventure!
David Major
2024.04.02 2024.04.02 | United Kingdom
Marvellous Worked marvellously for me. The set up and activation was easy, and I highly recommend this company.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.04.11
We're thrilled to hear you had a great experience, David! Your recommendation means a lot to us. Thank you for your support!
Patch And Mix Crafts
Patch And Mix Crafts
The initial card I purchased did not arrive so I had to travel without a card but I contacted usapayasyougo and they sent out another sim card which I received. When I did use the card a few months later, it worked perfectly and had no issues across the several states I visited. If only there was a way to keep the card and number for a very low monthly fee!!!!!
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2023.11.04
Thanks for this review. It will always be cheaper to buy a new SIM Card / eSIM for each trip (a top up costs more than a new one) so if getting a new number doesn’t matter then that’s the best way.
Geoff Bell
2024.03.29 2024.03.29 | United Kingdom
Absolutely Brilliant If you are in any doubt about buying this electronic sim, FORGET IT. BUY IT. The whole process of application, paying, installation and use was so easy. I'd booked the sim to be installed the day after I arrived at my destination (USA) but in fact it was on my phone on arrival. Just note you'll be given a new number and your existing one is on hold.

Date of experience: 25 December, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.03.30
Dear Geoff, we're thrilled to hear about your seamless experience with our eSIM! Thank you for your trust and not hesitating to choose our product. We strive to provide a hassle-free journey for our customers.
Cornelis Spoor
2024.03.29 2024.03.29 | Netherlands
Perfect performance The sim card worked immediately on arrival in the USA without any problem. The 5G network was accessible everywhere around my destination. In former years Customer Service was very helpful.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.03.30
Dear Cornelis, We're thrilled to hear our SIM Card and the 5G network served you well in the USA! Your continued trust is greatly appreciated. Best, Your Support Team
2024.02.25 2024.02.25 | United States
Using a Mobile USA Hi never used these guys before but will definitely be back great service prompt sim delivery and excellent communication throughout .I feel confident to recommend as a company you could rely on. Regards Les
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.25
Dear Les, Thank you for your support and trust. We're thrilled you had a positive experience with our service and communication. We look forward to welcoming you back!
I have used this service three times, and about to purchase my 4th USA sim card. It is a tremendous service that saves you hundreds of pounds. The back up support is excellent. 100% recommended.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.25
Thanks for your review and for being a repeat customer!
2024.02.23 2024.02.23 | United Kingdom
Worry-free SIM I've bought a PAYG SIM card twice in the past year and it's performed faultlessly both times. I bought it mainly for the data package, although it's very useful to have a US number when you're in the states as I've found that retailers, taxis etc will never ring a 'foreign' number. You put the SIM in your phone and within a few minutes, you're ready to go; no settings etc need to be altered on the phone (a Samsung in my case). The only down side is that you don't know your phone number until you first connect to the service, but this is mentioned before you buy.

Date of experience: 18 January, 2024
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.24
Thank you for your loyalty and trust, Ian. We're glad that our SIM card has met your expectations. Your feedback is appreciated and will be considered for future improvements.
ivan ovcharov
ivan ovcharov
Absolutely worth every single penny!
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.23
Thanks for this awesome review Ivan!
2024.02.04 2024.02.04 | United Kingdom
Absolutely brilliant We ordered 2 E sims we had no issues at all had full signal the hole time we was in Florida. I would definitely recommend to anyone travelling to USA

Date of experience: 28 December, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.05
Dear Shane, we're thrilled you had a seamless experience with our eSIMS. Thank you for your recommendation and for being a valued customer.
Thomas Steventon
2024.02.03 2024.02.03 | United Kingdom
Great service Great service set phone up at home in UK and when we landed in Miami phone was ready to use straight away excellent WiFi and phone reception would definitely use again and recommend to anyone

Date of experience: 29 October, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.04
Thank you, Thomas! We're glad to hear our service met your expectations and that we could aid your seamless connection in Miami. We appreciate your recommendation!
Teresa Dundovic
Teresa Dundovic
Simple transaction. Easy to use UK phone in the US.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.03
Thanks for the review Teresa!
Daniel Temperton
2024.01.26 2024.01.26 | United Kingdom
Rapid delivery and refund when not required. Bought a 60 Day simcard for immediate delivery due to a short notice trip, arrived the next day which was great. Trip subsequently cancelled by work, i got in touch to discuss my change of travel arrangements and have been refunded the total cost with me holding onto the simcard should i go in the future and just requires top up. Great customer service and response times impeccable. Would recommend this company for any travel SIM needs.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.02.01
Dear Daniel, we're delighted to hear about your positive experience! Our team works hard to provide efficient service. We look forward to assisting your future travel SIM needs. Safe travels!
Joshua Tudgey
Joshua Tudgey
Really good service. Just make sure you are using a newish phone that isn't too cheap. Mid-range phone will work fine. Seamless holiday once we swapped it to the right phone.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.22
Hi Joshua thanks for the review. Glad to hear it worked well for you!
Ian Banks
2024.01.15 2024.01.15 | United Kingdom
Great service Ordered 2 sims for usa trip, on a physical and 1 an e sim. The physical sim worked fine, the e sim wasn't working for some reason, but even before I had a chance to contact them, they sent me an e mail saying they had changed it to another sim on a different network, and it would be unlimited calls and data for the inconvenience. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Date of experience: 25 September, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.16
Dear Ian, thank you for your recommendation and kind words! We're glad that our proactive solution met your satisfaction. Safe travels on your trips!
2024.01.14 2024.01.14 | United Kingdom
Great value. Ordering was simple with instructions on how to use and good communication with the company.

Date of experience: 10 October, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.15
Dear Marz, we're delighted to know you found value in our services. Thank you for highlighting our easy ordering process and communication. We appreciate your feedback!
Keith Williams
2024.01.14 2024.01.14 | United Kingdom
Brilliantly easy service

Date of experience: 18 September, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.15
Dear Keith, thank you for this wonderful feedback. We are glad you found our service easy. We aim to continue this level of simplicity and convenience.
Eirikur Magnusson
Eirikur Magnusson
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.14
Thanks Eirikur for the 5 stars!
Julian Dean
Julian Dean
The buying experience and use of this card was excellent.
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.14
Thanks for the review Julian, it is much appreciated.
Dr Steven Henderson
2024.01.14 2024.01.14 | United Kingdom
Fantastic and so simple It seems that travelling in the States with a British SIM is becoming an expensive pain in the bottom. If you want the valets to return your car at a hotel or restaurant, you need to call or text them. In some parts of the States, although you have a signal, “voice services are not available “. Calling anywhere to book a trip or the other things you never think about become very expensive. Every one of these disappears with this product. £30 for three weeks of none of these issues is wonderful value. Simplicity itself to order and install and before the plane came to a rest I had a US number and a fully functioning phone. I will buy one for each American holiday this year.

Date of experience: 13 September, 2023
Reply from USA PAYG SIM Card 2024.01.14
Thanks Steven for this incredibly detailed and thoughtful review which will help people when considering our SIM Card. Indeed using your UK SIM in the USA can be expensive and problematic. And as you've pointed out, having a local USA number is really important--it's surprising how many regular restaurants and cafes take your number and call you when they have a table for you. Thanks again!