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#1 Best Chemistry Tuition - A Level & O Level Chem Tuition - Uptas Learning Hub


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qiwen ong
2024.05.13 2024.05.13 | Malaysia
Uptas' notes have become my go-to resource! Their notes are well organized, the important stuff is easily understandable, and their 'blackbook' was invaluable during exams. Dr. Aw was always available outside of class hours to answer my queries; and his memory tricks proved extremely effective! Moving from E to A in six months? That's the power of Uptas!
Nelson Saputra
2024.02.23 2024.02.23 | Indonesia
A-Level Chemistry My daughter was struggling with A-Level Chemistry until Dr. Aw took over and changed everything! His encouragement, clear explanations and focus on problem-solving were incredible help - she now believes she can succeed! Her chemistry grades improved tremendously and jump up 5 grades up.
Iwan Setiawan
2024.02.21 2024.02.21 | Singapore
I struggled to understand acids base eqm and solubility eqm at first, but Dr. Aw's step-by-step approach helped me grasp them; combined with practice questions from Ultimate Power Book's practice questions, they enabled my A-Level grade to go from D to A!
2024.02.17 2024.02.17 | India
Best Chemistry tutor Before encountering Miss Tham, I had experimented with other tutors, but her impact was truly transformative in my approach to chemistry. Previously, the subject felt abstract and disjointed, yet her use of real-life examples and analogies breathed life into it, leading to a significant improvement in my grades.
Declan Connor
2024.02.11 2024.02.11 | Philippines
Miss Tham's commitment to my success was unwavering, her dedication unyielding. Through her tireless efforts, I ascended from uncertainty to achievement, from a middling grade to an A1 in my O'Level exam. UPTAS Chemistry Tuition isn't just a center; it's a place for growth, a catalyst for transformation.
Isla Sinclair
2024.02.11 2024.02.11 | Philippines
UPTAS Chemistry Tuition isn't just about classes; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed for succes
2024.02.11 2024.02.11 | Philippines
Dr. Aw and Miss Tham's unwavering dedication transformed my academic trajectory. Their tireless efforts extended far beyond the classroom, offering guidance even during exam crunch time. Their selflessness fueled my determination, culminating in a remarkable leap from S to A in my A level exam. With UPTAS by my side, success wasn't just a goal; it was inevitable.
Khalid Mehmood
2024.02.10 2024.02.10 | Pakistan
UPTAS not only offers education but serves as a pathway to achieve excellence. Under Miss Tham's mentorship, my transition from average to proficient was rapid and resolute. The carefully developed study materials laid out a clear path to success, elevating my performance from average to outstanding in my O'Level examination. Despite the rigorous journey, having UPTAS as my support system turned every obstacle into a chance for personal development.
majessa youes
2024.02.09 2024.02.09 | Pakistan
So nice place So super experience in main
2024.02.09 2024.02.09 | India
Thanks to Miss Tham's help at UPTAS, my grades shot up from E8 to A1. The online platform was a lifesaver, always there to guide me through tough schoolwork. UPTAS wasn't just a tuition center; it felt like a friend, making learning fun and successful!
okay mai ya
2024.02.09 2024.02.09 | Pakistan
So super experience Mashallah to Allah
Sora Mikael
2024.02.02 2024.02.02 | Philippines
It's 10/10 learning experience!! Dr. Aw's guidance proved instrumental in achieving an impressive jump from an E to an A in just five months. The Ultimate Blackbook and cheat sheets provided by UPTAS condensed essential information, making exam preparation efficient and effective. Dr. Aw's expertise and the comprehensive resources at UPTAS contributed significantly to my success, turning a challenging subject into a manageable and enjoyable one.
PJM20621 Chia Kar Zen
2024.01.29 2024.01.29 | Malaysia
Uptas tutors made me love learning Chemistry Thanks to Uptas tutors, chemistry used to be hard to me but now my confidence grew, the tutors help me clarified things, and helped me succeed. Their detailed explanations not only boosted my grades but also made me love learning.
2024.01.28 2024.01.28 | Malaysia
My practical skills were sharpened by the lab sessions, which made me more confident in exams. Uptas clarified my questions and turned my C6s to a satisfying A2. Uptas provided a holistic learning experience and a great deal of support.
Daryl Mangubat
2024.01.25 2024.01.25 | Philippines
#1 Best Chemistry Tuition. After initially receiving an E8 in Sec 3, my son's perception of chemistry completely transformed after enrolling at Uptas. From engaging lessons, fun quizzes, dedicated teachers and like-minded peers all the way to A2-grade O level results - Uptas provided him with everything needed for success! His achievement is all thanks to this engaging environment and dedicated teachers at Uptas! I regret not discovering them earlier!

Date of experience: 14 December, 2023
Sishi Lee
2024.01.19 2024.01.19 | Malaysia
In 9 months, Dr. Aw transformed our daughter's E8 chemistry grade to an A1. Highly recommended for his teaching skills and subject knowledge.
Eros John Asuncion
2024.01.09 2024.01.09 | Philippines
Review It was one of the most important decisions I made in my academic career to join UPTAS Chemistry. I went from a D7 in chemistry to an A1 within 6 months. It would not have been possible without Miss Tham's dedication and Uptas excellent notes and teaching.
william marvincent
2023.12.24 2023.12.24 | Taiwan
UPTAS was a real help that breakthrough my Chemistry studies. The personalized learning experience, led by Miss Tham, ensures no student is left behind. Even I am a slower learning pace student and tends to ask many questions after class, Miss Tham will always reply all my queries. My grade improved from an initial E8 to an A1 in my O level exam!
My grade jump 5 times up to an A in A level for H2 Chem. This would not be possible if without the dedication by Dr AW and their teams.
Avelyn Palawan
2023.12.17 2023.12.17 | Philippines
I would say two of the best features in UPTAS is their notes with cheat sheets. I like that their exam solving techniques that are taught by Dr.AW and Miss Tham developed very special and easily remember techniques of solving questions effectively and fast. Their notes and especially their cheat sheets has been the main source where I study and score distinction for all my exams. My grade jump 5 times up to an A in A level for H2 Chem. Thanks to Dr AW and their teams' dedication.