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2023.04.08 2023.04.08
Thieves I paid for a 30 day premium with a $100 Mastercard debit and used it for one day. I came back from vacation a week later and received a notice that the charge had been revered because it was fraudulent, they obviously kept charging the card until it was drained dry. Thieves DO NOT GIVE THEM BUSINESS!
AVOID like the plague Longtime repeat customer going back several years with zero prior issues. After a few months of not using it I opted to buy 1 month, but the usual credit card method now only lets you buy 3+ months and higher. Paypal refused to work every time (which means Paypal has now blacklisted them - for good reason). So I was forced to use a different credit card vendor that made me jump through several hoops including requiring my phone number & taking ages to process payment. Finally got premium but only lasted about 2 days before my account reverted back to Free, and was told the payment was reversed, despite me using the same credit card I'd used prior with no issues. I have no idea why this happened, other than because that new credit card vendor is dodgy-af. Now they tell me that credit card option is no longer available to me and I can only use the main option, as long as I select to pay for at least 3 months (ain't frikkin happening, sweetheart) OR pay with Bitcoin. Also ain't happening, because Bitcoin is NOT refundable, so if anything goes wrong I lose my money. So since I used Upstore last earlier this year, most of their legit payment providers have dropped them like a nasty habit, and they've gotten greedier and plain predatory. Their "free user slots" is an absolute LIE because it has NEVER ever worked, no matter how many days I wait or what time of the day I try. After I pointed this out to customer support, they called me a "cheater" that's trying to use their service for free. Even though the so-called free slots feature is their own doing, not mine. They clearly do NOT value their longtime customers and only think of us as their personal cash pigs.
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