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RST Boilers Reviews


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They don't pay back any refund I will advise no one to use RST boiler they are reliable they cancelled on me and said they would pay me my refund of £90 they took my bank details and said they will pay it back in 7 working days that was over a month ago I have contacted citizens advice they said they are in breach of contract they should have to pay us back and gave me a reference number to call them back if they don't pay us not holding my breath I had a feeling from the start that they would be con artist
Peter Jaggers
Non exsistant customer care I have tried with this company for over a year to get a new boiler under the gov scheme. Its been a nightmare culminating in yesterday. They arranged a month ago to come and fit the boiler so waited in all day, nothing not a phone no contact. Tried calling them and having nothing better to do while I waited remained on hold for two, yes two hours, they never answered. Conclusion avoid.
Rip off cowboys Total rip off merchants don’t do business with them
Julie Gleave
Julie Gleave
not recommends
totaly unhappy customer,been let down now 3 times,no explanation,no phone call,would not recomend!
Chris Steele
Chris Steele
Real opportunities to progress within the company. A company that is going somewhere in the energy industry. Get your cv's in now for interviews this week!