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Steven Kinworthy
Steven Kinworthy
I struggled with both my knees for years with the pain and stiffness increasing. Different therapies like steroids & cartilage from rosters worked only temporarily for a couple of months. This process at QC Kinetix is only a few weeks in, and I’m taking full steps without having to look down for sure footing. I’m not experiencing any pain at night while asleep 😴 and stairs are much more easy than before. I had no down time or rehab yet as well as the stem cell step has yet to be done. I’m very confident the stem treatment will complete the healing over time. 5 stars!!!
My knees were treated using regenerative medicine with stem cell injections. It has done wonders! I am now pain free and able to resume many of my extra curricular activities of years past. Jill and her staff were wonderful!
Zvi Leibovici
Zvi Leibovici
My mom has had pain in both of her knees for many years, and only able to walk with a cane. She was treated at QC Kinetix in Branson MO a few weeks ago. She is now able to walk short distances without a cane, and is pain free for the first time in many years. This QC Kinetix totally changed her daily activities, and be pain free. The Staff at QC Kinetix were very professional, and caring every step of the way. They made us feel like family. I would recommend QC Kinetix to anyone that wants to have pain free knees.
Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson
They are awesome. Have helped immensely.