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Samantha Hooley
Samantha Hooley
I’m a 28 year old female with a degenerative hip. I have 4 kids that I couldn’t even pick up anymore let alone go hiking and bike riding with. I could barely walk down the stairs to my bedroom. I need a hip replacement but am to young, so I found an alternative. I was doing my research on regenerative medicine (complete hippy at heart) and found PRP. Once I figure out that’s what I wanted to try I started interviewing the clinics in my area that offered it. I had been to an office who was cheap and said they would be doing it without and ultrasound! That was a HUGE HUGE red flag for me as my amazing chiropractor said a legit clinic would use an ultrasound or x ray. I then found QC and my interview went amazing! The office and staff are so welcoming and comforting! Karen is such a genuine person and her vibe just put me at ease! She explained the science behind it and the process of the procedure. I made my appointment that day, no more searching for a clinic. My first appointment was great, they walked me through everything they were doing which is so hard to find these days. They made sure I was comfortable and ready before they did anything. After about my 3rd (3out of 5) injection I was all ready feeling improvement on my pain level and how often I was in pain. By injection #4 i had a much better range of movement! I just got my last and 5th injection and I am so exited! In the past 5 months my pain has gone from being in pain 9 out of 10 days to 1 out of 10 days. I have better range of movement too! I’ve never been a quitter so I was still hiking and going to the gym even in pain but now the gym is a breeze and I don’t walk out limping! I can’t wait to do all the hikes with my family this year and go on a ton of bike rides! This is so worth the money and has changed my life soooo much. I was optimistic when I went in and kept an open mind with no expectations. I knew it wasn’t a guarantee it would help or how much it would help but I am so happy it has helped me so much. My mom, husband and other family love seeing me doing better and just living my life with no hold back. If you are at the point in your life where your life is drastically being hindered by an injury you have nothing to loose! I would do this 100 times over! It took me 2 years to aggress to get help it took me being in so much pain it took me missing out on my family to get help. My chiropractor nonchalantly told me about PRP injections in all my visit once he realized I needed more help then he could give. I’ve been seeing him for 4.5 years and he is thrilled with my results as well. Do yourself a favor and try it! You have nothing to loose after all.