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Nancy Harper
Nancy Harper
Have had a great experience at the Northland QC Kinetix location. All staff are personable and professional. When getting an injection, they do a great job of visiting with you to take your mind off of the injection but are always aware of how you are doing with the procedure. Highly recommend QC Kinetix. It has been a great decision for me.
Reply from QC Kinetix (Gladstone) 2024.04.01
We're happy to hear about your positive experience at our Northland location. Our team strives to provide a comfortable and professional environment for all our clients. Your recommendation means a lot to us. Thank you for choosing us and sharing your experience.
Betsy Diven
Betsy Diven
Reply from QC Kinetix (Gladstone) 2024.01.15
We're thrilled to see your 5-star rating. Thank you for your support!
yz250fforme munsterman
yz250fforme munsterman
Quick! easy! painless! I'm 50 play lots of basketball and race motocross. The ones were shot. Five surgeries and my Ortho said no more need a replacement. Did this and honestly feel like I might be able to dunk again at 5'8"and 50. Weight is coming off cause I'm more active. It really has given me a new lease on an active life. Pay the money, it is more than worth it!! Payment plans available. Dr Jason Mildenburger was to the point, knowledgeable, personally and seemed like a guy is like to hang with. The staff were kind, caring, laughed easily and did their job with precision!
Reply from QC Kinetix (Gladstone) 2023.12.13
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We're proud to have Dr Jason Mildenburger who are always taking good care of our patients. We appreciate you, and please know you're always welcome to contact us with any questions or additional treatments.
Clara Kruger
Clara Kruger
QC Kinetix is by far the best place to go for treatment of your joints without surgery or toxic pharmaceuticals. There is no downtime and it is the only way to get long lasting results without cutting your joint open. They've treated thousands of patients. If you feel like your only options are quick fixes and drugs that make your joint feel worse once it wears off or a permanent surgery please see QC Kinetix first. Jason and his team will treat you right and get you back the quality of life you deserve.
Reply from QC Kinetix (Gladstone) 2023.11.01
Clara, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star review! We’re thrilled to hear that you had such a positive experience with us. We will continue to do our best to keep providing our patients with the best nonsurgical treatments in order to find some relief from that day-to-day soreness.
Susan Schlacks
Susan Schlacks
I am a 73-year-old woman who was experiencing stiffness, limited mobility, and joint popping in my knees. I had been fairly active, but was finding the limited mobility in my knees bringing things to a slow crawl-pardon the pun. I was looking for an alternative to having knee replacement surgery when my daughter told me about QC Kinetics.. The more natural, non-invasive approach appealed to me. I was expecting immediate results, but in all honesty, it took the full regimen of treatments before my knees were noticeably improved. I am now 5 months out from the treatments and am thoroughly amazed at how effective the results have been. No pain, no popping, full mobility to the point I am fully engaged again in rehabbing houses, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, and playing on the floor with my grandkids. My one caveat is that I wear good knee pads while working to protect my knees as I hope to be using them to their full advantage for a good, long time. I am extremely pleased with the healing process QC Kinetics provides and am most grateful to Jason and his staff in Gladstone for their attentiveness and professionalism.