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Brian McKinney
Brian McKinney
I am currently going to QC Kinetix and I have one treatment left. It has been a great experience in that it has helped with my rheumatoid arthritis tremendously. My pain is not 100% gone but it is definitely 80% better than what it was and I can now make a fist and crack my knuckles which I have not been able to do for 5 years . The swelling I had in my hands is also pretty much gone and I am no longer relying on big pharma drugs as I was taking Humira and once that quit working for me my doctor prescribed Enbrel and had me injecting myself once a week. I am very happy with the service and people who are helping me at QC Kinetics they answer any questions I have had and are very upfront with the whole process and it truely is non surgical.
Reply from QC Kinetix (Eau Claire) 2024.03.31
We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience and the improvement in your condition. It's rewarding to know that our service has made a significant difference in your life. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to support you on your journey to better health. Thank you for choosing us.
Beware: SCAM. Please research the negative reviews around the country. See that all positive reviews are fake/bought. Do not go here or sign anything!!!
Reply from QC Kinetix (Eau Claire) 2024.02.28
Thank you for your feedback. It's certainly not our intention to mislead our customers, and we apologize for any confusion. We're happy to speak with you further and answer any questions you may have so please contact us at (715) 506-5672. We work hard to provide our customers with the best support and care possible.