QC Kinetix (Morton Grove) Reviews

QC Kinetix (Morton Grove) Reviews


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On my 1st appointment, the nurse drawing my blood got my name wrong twice. The price is $12,500 for the prp/stem cell treatment. It felt like I was buying a used car during the price negotiation process and they have loan companies you can work with. My 1st appointment took over 4hrs and the lady drawing my blood gave me a blown vein in my right arm, I had huge black and blue mark for almost 2 weeks. On my second visit my left arm vein got blown out. These people should be great at something as simple as drawing blood and they failed both visits. I am very worried about my procedures if they cant even draw blood without blowing out veins. On my next appointment I asked for a new person to draw my blood and they told me they don't have anyone else. My fingers are crossed that this will help with my lower back pain but feel like I might have just wasted $12,000