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E Parker
E Parker
Why is your company vehicle and trailer parked in the middle of the road? This is clearly a traffic violation and more importantly a danger to the children that have to walk home from the elementary school next door. Not to mention inconvenient to the parents attempting to pick their children up from school while having to navigate around your company’s lack of respect for fellow Carmel residents. This lack of attention to details, codes, and traffic laws SPEAKS VOLUMES about Providence Outdoors’ quality of work. I DO NOT recommend their services.
Justin Jesus is King
Justin Jesus is King
Donald Reed
Donald Reed
Brian Lajiness
Brian Lajiness
My experience with Providence Outdoor was the worst experience I have ever had with a landscaping company. I chose Providence to winterize my irrigation system this past fall because the company’s founder, Joel Kempson, is a friend of a friend. I had my irrigation system winterized prior to Halloween because it was my first year having an irrigation system and I was nervous about the lines freezing from an early frost. When I went to turn on my system the next year, I noticed a very large crack in the metal piping of the backflow on the front of my house. When the valve on the backflow was opened, sure enough water came pouring out of the crack. I immediately contacted Joel Kempson personally via text to notify him of the issue. I had a strong suspicion that water had frozen in the metal pipe and burst it. I spoke with multiple family members and friends some who have landscaping experience and experience with irrigation systems and they all said the same thing. It looks like they didn’t winterize the system properly. It was the only thing that made sense to me. Unfortunately, I was pretty much ignored by Joel. After not hearing anything for a couple days I contacted an employee of Providence who told me they would get back to me ASAP. I didn’t hear anything for a week, so I contacted them again. After this, I received a phone call from Joel who told me that “well sometimes these things just go bad” while admitting that it was normally the PVC part of the backflow that fails and not the metal piping. He said he would send someone out to look at it and quote me for the repairs. After a week of not hearing from anyone about fixing my system, I texted Joel again…this time he wrote back “I’m waiting to hear back”. No idea what he meant or was waiting for but I waited another week. Still no contact from anyone. Ultimately after waiting over a month since noticing the broken backflow and being unable to even get a person out to look at my broken system let alone fix it, I ended up contacting a different landscaping company. They came out the following day and fixed it. The expert that fixed my system said that almost certainly it was not winterized properly, resulting in excess water in the metal pipe, which then froze in the winter and caused the pipe to burst. Once again I tried contacting Joel Kempson to inform him that I had hired another company to fix my problem and also that the expert said it was most likely due to improper winterization. I stated that I believe it is fair that I be reimbursed for the cost of the repairs, which was $250. I even included a pdf copy of my invoice to prove the cost and that the work was done. Unfortunately, once again I was ignored and several days have now gone by without a response. Very disappointing. In short, I can now say that I have lost confidence in this company. I believe that they do not stand behind the quality of their work and god help anyone who has work done and has an issue. Based on my experience, I highly recommend choosing someone else for your landscaping needs.