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Mohammed Tech
2024.01.25 2024.01.25 | South Africa
Marchant is an expert Marchant has been building my dropship business for me and its very good. I have only been working with them for 1 month and we have done R7 000 in sales , we are working to grow. But the fact that I can see income is great!
Mnikelo Macozoma
2024.01.22 2024.01.22 | South Africa
Great service Great work, started a few months ago. Marchant and everyone working with me was fantastic! I will probably stay with them for the rest of my life, lol! Thank you everyone for the great service.
James Coetzee
James Coetzee
Marchant & his team at Prosper Digital have delivered above and beyond our expectations. He said he would deliver on his marketing promise & he did. Our sales & turnover is increasing exponentially with his expert guidence. Well done & thank you. James Coetzee National Marketing Manager The Play Teach Company
Reply from Prosper Digital 2023.07.02
Hi James. Thank you, we are honoured to be part of your business.
Chandré Thirion
2023.06.22 2023.06.22 | South Africa
Great Agency , saved me❤️🙏 I have been with Prosper working directly with Marchant. They helped me take my business from 60k pm to at this moment 3 months later 160k pm and we are still going up. I will recommend them to anyone!!
Charn Michael Erasmus
Charn Michael Erasmus
Prosper digital is the best
Hendrik von Wielligh
2023.06.12 2023.06.12 | South Africa
Worst experience ever. Waste of time and money. They do not deliver at all. They just want money. Worst experience ever. Waste of time and money. They do not deliver at all. They just want money. They over promise in the beginning and make it clear you don't need to do anything. 6 weeks later, and nothing. Completely not even worried about you as a client. Do no pay upfront! Get results first. This does not work for all industries.
Robyn-Lee Van Zyl
Robyn-Lee Van Zyl
I absolutely love working with the Prosper Digital team! They deliver exceptional, quality service and are super helpful! I’d 10/10 recommend Prosper Digital if you are looking at working with the best Marketing Agency to market your business and that guarantees increased sales! 🤩👊🏼
Gerriff Makofane Marchant Thirion is an expert in his work!! Excellent Team as well!! I really want to express my appreciation for the great work Prosper Digital have done for me on this project, you really pushed beyond the limit and went extra mile. I have never experienced such a service before, it has always been disappointments and no delivery but for the first time I received excellent service and more... I have lost a fortune with others who promised but couldn't deliver. I look forward to doing all my projects with Prosper Digital.
Real good agency Since I started working with prosper about 3 weeks ago the team changed up everything and my results is just insane, I mean the email system they built already did R6 000 in sales, they call it retargeting! Will recommend!
Thee Best Expert Marketing Agency My experience with Prosper Digital was simply amazing. Marchant was soo helpful to accommodate me with everything that I needed and more, advices that were given is priceless. Highly recommend them to all that are looking for help in this area.
Waste of time and money! Don't waste your money, they don't fulfill any of their promises! The service is also very slow and you will be very frustrated.
Greats stores I bought one store from them a while back and they sent it to me within 2 days and the store was just perfect. They are very efficient
Best Droppshipping Stores ever The store was up and running within in 24h with detailed documentation to help you get started. Their customer service is great and very attentive with quick and detailed responses. Very efficient and helpful service. I would highly recommend
RMB Have had great assistance from the team in the beginning
Great business for south africans Please this is a great company specially and south african owned ok .your guys are great this is great opportunity to help the unemployed man or family in south africa to be self employed life burden in south africa is just getting more expensive to survive so please people in south africa try this out this is great they you all the way ok have a great day ok
Sabelo Actually Quite responsive, was very cool to answer all my questions, you're treated like you're the only customer
Owner Marchant Thirion stole my money Waste of money. 10k down the drain. When I give proof that their product did not work for me and request a refund. Been waiting and fighting since April of 2022. Absolutely fed up. I dealt with MT enterprises and did everything I was supposed to do. Now MT Enterprises refuses to honour their side of the bargain. The original deal and promise was made to me by Marchant in January of this year. THis post will only come down once I receive my refund. I will be taking legal action soon.
Definitely recommended Chant and his team is excellent in what they do and very professional. I always see ads and everything which means that the marketing and advertising is on point. Will definitely recommend this and keep using it