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Ahmed Pahad
South Africa | 2024.04.18
The beauty of cloth! Cloth nappies are the way to go! It seems abit pricy to start off. But the savings are big. And honestly the benefits are more. My little one honestly hardly ever gets a rash as compared to disposables the rashes are all the time. The only regret is we started too late!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.04.18
Dear Ahmed, thank you for sharing your positive experience!
Nine months in and still going strong! Our household has loved using Pokkelokkie nappies. Not only do they fit our colour palette (which always is a win for us) but they have been incredible for our little lady. She has used them since she was a new born and nine months later we are still going strong on the cloth nappie's train. They keep her dry, there are never any blow outs and she is rash free!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.04.18
Dear Kate, we're thrilled to hear you and your little one are enjoying our Pokkelokkie nappies. Your feedback makes us proud! Thank you for your continued support.
Louise Horak
South Africa | 2024.04.15
Function and support! If you’re looking for functionality and support, Pokelokkie is the place! I have a variety of cloth nappies but my Pokelokkie ones are a form favourite. No fuss and the support from Kerryn is amazing!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.04.16
Louise!! Thank you for letting us know! We're so happy to hear that you're loving your Pokelokkie products and found our support helpful!
South Africa | 2024.03.26
Best decision ever! I have been wanting to use cloth diapers since Andrew's birth, but it was a little bit daunting, so I waited it out. We pulled the trigger and ordered from Pokkelokkie... Best decision I have ever made... Not only is it much easier to use than it looks. I am now no longer a part of the problem but have taken steps to be a part of the solution. 952kg of diapers land up in landfill per baby... But wait... there is more! It is soooo much cheaper than disposable diapers. And my little Pokkeloks little bum looks so ougat in his Pokkelokkie diapers... all the colors that we crush on. Kerryn @pokkelokkiecloth, thank you not only for an amazing product but also for your exceptional service and help! #clothdiapers #pokkelokkie #boymom #makingadifference #changingthefuture
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.03.27
Dear Jodi, your positive feedback has made our day! Knowing we can ease your transition and contribute to a greener future is our reward. Thanks for choosing us!
Best in the Market!! Wow! How EASY and convenient!! Like really. I have used other brand cloths out there and let me tell you - Pokkelokkie's are more absorbent, the don’t leak out and their night time nappies are the best! My experience so far with these nappies have been enjoyable and it made me feel proud for using a brand that is so effective in what it says it can do! You have all the support and guidance at your finger tips! I am super grateful for deciding to use this brand of cloth because it sure did NOT disappoint!

Date of experience: 11 March, 2024
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.03.12
Thank you, Jacqueline! We're so happy to hear about your positive experience with our cloth nappies. Thanks for choosing us.
Best decision ever! We are absolutely obsessed with the Pokkelokkie reusable cloth nappies. They are so comfortable, so user friendly, so easy to wash. Honestly the best decision we ever made. Would recommend them to ALL mamas. So many moms said "dont even bother with the reusables, they so inconvenient" - but honestly, they are SO convenient!!!! & they look SO cute on my little cub 🩵🦁
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.03.12
Hi Alaysia. We're glad you find them so easy to use. Thanks for your recommendation!
Alaysia Alesandra Di Mauro
Alaysia Alesandra Di Mauro
We are absolutely obsessed with the Pokkelokkie reusable cloth nappies. They are so comfortable, so user friendly, so easy to wash. Honestly the best decision we ever made. Would recommend them to ALL mamas. So many moms said "dont even bother with the reusables, they so inconvenient" - but honestly, they are SO convenient!!!! & they look SO cute on my little cub 🩵🦁
Steffi Brink
South Africa | 2024.02.27
Just commit, it will save your life! I’ve been using Pokkelokkie on my baby for more than two weeks now, and girl-oh-girl am I happy! My baby girl has no more nappy rash, because disposable diapers are something of the past. I was a little scared of the washing process, but it’s soooo super easy. I love my Pokkelokkie’s and so does my daughter. Thanks Kerryn for this amazing invention. The quality is amazing. It is super absorbent, easy to wash, and all round money saver! Best buy to date!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.03.04
Dear Steffi, Well done! Thanks for choosing us. We will support you all the way!
Onto the next size of Pokkelokkies :) Keryn's philosophy and heart come through in the quality of the Pokkelokkie nappies and her customer service! We're transitioning from newborn size onto the next OSFM size and I can't wait to get my hands on more Pokkelokkies.
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.03.04
Dear Michelle, we're thrilled to hear about your positive experience with our Pokkelokkie nappies! We thank you for your kind words. Enjoy the transition to the next size!
Jana Van Zyl
South Africa | 2024.02.13
Love Our Newborn Pokkelokkies As first time parents, we did a lot of research on different cloth brands but ultimately decided to invest in Pokkelokkie as they are a proudly South African brand and the quality is out of this world! We decided to buy our newborn stash and started using them when he was a few days old. We opted for the fitteds and we absolutely LOVE them! No leaks, no nappy rashes! We can 100% recommend Pokkelokkie to anyone wanting to start their cloth journey :)
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.02.15
Dear Jana, How amazing well done to you! Great choice on the fitted nappies. Thank you for recommending us!
South Africa | 2024.01.31
Extremely happy client I absolutely love these nappies. I have the newborn range at the moment and must say I can’t imagine using disposables. We went for a newborn photoshoot and they wanted to use the disposables note that these are bamboo ones. So the entire day as they were dressing and undressing and he would soil the disposables he ended up getting a rash. After the shoot I immediately put the Pokkelokkie diapers on and treated the rash it went away so quickly and have not had any rash or any problems while using the Pokkelokkies. I only massage my baby with coconut oil so I do not use bum cream- only used a very natural one from Hadassah to heal the rash. I would highly recommend these nappies. They are easy to put on and take off /clean and I don’t have to be worried that my little one’s bum will burn. It has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly as I don’t add to my garbage and I don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals that could be absorbed by his skin. Highly recommended.
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.02.03
Dear Angelique, Thanks for your heartwarming feedback! We are pleased you are happy. Happy cloth days!
Perfection I can recommended Pokkelokkie in every way. The service from the team is fast, helpful and always on point. The product itself is of extremely well quality. I tell everyone about them. I used cloth diapers and disposable and can say with absolute certainty: cloth is much better!! The smell, the amount of trash, the fit. Especially when it is hot, there is no plastic bothering the baby. My baby is doing very well with the diapers from Pokkelokkie. For everyone being worried about the amount of laundry- you will do a lot of laundry with a baby anyways. A few diapers extra really don’t cause much more work.

Date of experience: 14 September, 2023
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.02.03
Dear Helene, Thank you for your glowing recommendation! We're so happy to know that both our service and products have met your expectations.
Snappit pro The Snappit Pro’s are doing great! The school loves them and does a great job changing my boy! He is the first cloth baba at school and it was so easy to explain it to them. The fact that they are so trim is amazing. His cloth bum looks so cute! I add a booster, just to be on the safe side. I’m almost inclined to say I reach for the pro’s more than the flats… 🙈🙈 but will never admit to loving them more than my flats!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2024.01.26
Dear Anine, we're delighted to hear your positive feedback about Snappit Pro's! It's wonderful that you find them easy to use and comfortable for your boy. Thank you for choosing us.
Emma Nkomo
South Africa | 2023.12.14
Local Excellence As a first time mum I had no doubt about wanting to have my little one be a cloth bum , I grew up in Terry cloth and turned out just fine, plus the financial benefits of this choice far outweighed any doubts. The exceptional product that Kerryn and her team have made makes for such easy use from actual use , cleaning, storing and washing , it really is such an amazing product. Kerryn has put so much effort into her videos which are al on the website should you not be sure of anything from using flats ( learning the origami fold) , to explaining a day in the life of a cloth nappy ( use, storage washing etc) it put a new mums heart at ease knowing there was support right at my fingertips. Ive been using the snippet pro bundles for around 3 months now and loving every minute! About to place an order for flats to use at night and then that's me full time cloth!! My daughter loves them , especially on these hot days , rocking out with just her cloth bum
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.14
Thank you, Emma, for your wonderful feedback! We are so happy you are happy. Happy cloth bum happy mum!
Such a joy We have loved the pokkelokkie cloth nappies! They are so easy to use and such fun! - it’s so rewarding to use them, knowing they are better for baba and the environment! Can only recommend!!
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Dear Mariella, So happy you are happy! . Keep enjoying them!
Pokkelokkie for the win! This is by far the best nappy brand out there. We foster tiny newborn babies until they get adopted and your nappies have been absolute workhorses and so versatile! They litterally work with any build and output. My newborn nappies have raised 3 babies and still looks new! My current baby is 8 months old and a little chunky in the thighs, but skinny around the waist - even with her the nappies fit beautifully! The colours are so pretty aswell. I can not recommend this brand enough.
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Thank you for your kind words, Janet!
Helena Nel
South Africa | 2023.11.28
Happy Bum Happy Mum Our little boy has incredibly sensitive skin even for a newborn. After switching to cloth full time rashes are no longer an issue. His skin is clear and healthy, and I am a very happy mommy 😊
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Dear Helena, Such amazing news so glad you are happy!
Ane van Dyk
South Africa | 2023.11.24
Love our Pokkelokkies The very best quality products and exceptional after-sale care. These cloth nappies are in a league of their own and after using them for almost 3 years, they feel and work as good as new. I recommend Pokkelokkie to all expecting friends to switch back to chemical-free diapering, save a lot of money and be kind to the environment.
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Dear Ane, Well done and thank you!
Cloth nappy happiness The Snappit Pro changed the way I feel about daytime nappies. It is so easy and convenient, quick to dry and is super comfy for my little one. I would definitely recommend it. The snap and go process made my life so much easier
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Dear Chantelle. Thank you!
FTM, using cloth since birth. Have Pokkelokkie and one other brand. Ordered Snappit Pro for use after newborn. So impressed and so easy to use for the whole family. Thank you for the great after service:)
Reply from Pokkelokkie 2023.12.12
Such a pleasure!