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Milla Grey
2024.02.01 2024.02.01 | South Africa
MILLA GREY ADVANCED HAIR Professional People with Professional Poducts that REALLY works. Using this products for 10 years in our Salon.
2023.03.02 2023.03.02
MY DREAM HAIR I was on the fence about getting it, since I've never had anything done to my hair, not even a colour treatment. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my hair!! I used to have curly hair that was so dry I would only wear it in buns or braided, but with my MK treatment, I finally didn't feel like my hair is something to hide, but rather something that adds to my beauty. I was even for the first time in my life scouted as a model a week after I got my treatment. Definitely boosted my confidence + saves me SO MUCH TIME. I will definitely be doing it for the rest of my life.
Had this Mycro Keratin Treatment done at Bionic Hair and it took 45 mins and I was so uncomfortable, my eyes burnt and nose stung, it was hard to breath. The results are a disaster, I have lost my curls and left with dry frizzy hair, my fringe section is smoother but the inconsistency of results and lack of accountability and customer service from Mycro Keratin and Bionic Hair is shocking. Why do companies like these cheat and rip people off!
Mix Verster
Mix Verster