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Eduardo Escobar
Eduardo Escobar
I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding support provided by Francis at Mari Marketing. I was facing significant challenges with my Amazon seller account due to complaints about my "used as new" product listings. Despite my best efforts, Amazon seemed immovable on the issue until I reached out to Francis. He devised a strategic plan of action that really navigated the complexities of Amazon's policies and procedures and advocated tirelessly on my behalf. Thanks to his efforts, both my listings and seller account were reinstated swiftly and seamlessly. I very much recommend reaching out to Mari Marketing and specifically requesting Francis's assistance. He is a true asset, and I am profoundly grateful for his invaluable help. Thank you, Francis, for going above and beyond to ensure a positive outcome!
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.18
Thank you very much for using my services. The pleasure was all mine!
Dr Heffs
Dr Heffs
Francis from Mari Marketing was excellent at getting us back up and selling on Amazon. Very professional and very efficient in the complexities of Amazon seller central.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.16
Thank you very much for your feedback and for using my services! Happy that I was able to get a win for you!
I'm thrilled to share my recent experience with Mari Marketing, specifically with Francis. After encountering multiple IP issues with my Amazon seller account, I was at a loss. However, Francis at Mari Marketing came to the rescue! His expertise and dedication was evident from the start, guiding me through the process of reinstatement with professionalism and efficiency. He went above and beyond to address my concerns, providing clear communication and timely updates every step of the way. Thanks to his efforts, my Amazon seller account is now reinstated, and I can confidently continue my business endeavors. I highly recommend Mari Marketing to anyone facing similar challenges.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.15
Thank you very much Albert for your valuable feedback and kind words. Happy that I was able to get a win for you!
Gary Weiss
United States | 2024.04.14
Really Great Amazon Private Label Management I have been using Mari Marketing's Amazon private label management now for over 11 months, and I must say that their entire team is both very competent and good at what they do. They have solved multiple issues that I had with sales and I really have seen some very good improvement with my entire store. Overall, my sales are up by 25% compared to what I was doing and am very happy with the results. Very much recommended to others that may need reliable management that knows what they are doing and is backed up with results to boot.

Date of experience: 12 April, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.15
Dear Gary, My team and I are delighted to hear of your positive experience with our Amazon private label management. Your satisfaction and improved sales are our priority. We appreciate your recommendation. Thank you!
Ed Davis
United States | 2024.04.10
Francis Saved My Amazon Seller Account! After reviewing several other reinstatement companies, I contacted Francis from Mari Marketing and decided to go with him as I really appreciated his honesty about the situation and what I was facing and didn't feel like I was talking to a used car salesman. I had several issues with my Amazon seller account such as (3) authenticity complaints and (1) restricted product violation that resulted in my seller account getting deactivated. Francis critically evaluated my situation, advised me, and wrote a very detailed plan of action. After some back and forth with Amazon, my account was reactivated. Forever grateful! If you need a pro, Francis from Mari Marketing is your guy!

Date of experience: 09 April, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.11
Dear Ed, thank you for sharing your positive experience! Your case was very difficult, but I am very happy that I was able to get it through after some back and forth with Amazon. Your gratitude means a lot to me!
David Fitch
United States | 2024.04.08
Reinstated Again Thanks to Mari Marketing! Just wanted to thank Francis and Mari Marketing for their excellent assistance in getting my Amazon seller account reactivated after dealing with multiple authenticity issues. I was really getting nowhere with Amazon and did not know what to do, so I was very happy that I decided to go with Francis and his services. He was very reasonable priced and handled the entire reinstatement process from the start to the very end. Very much recommended to other sellers that need help. Thanks Francis!

Date of experience: 05 April, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.09
Dear David, I am delighted to hear you found my services helpful! Your comments means a lot to me. I am always here to assist you. Thanks for recommending me!
William Davis
United States | 2024.04.04
Exceptional Amazon & Walmart Management Services: Working with Francis and Mari Marketing and their exceptional team to manage my Amazon Wholesale and Walmart accounts was truly an exceptional experience from beginning to end. Right from the outset of our collaboration, Francis and Mari Marketing demonstrated professionalism and expertise that left a lasting impression. They invested time in understanding the specific needs and objectives of my business, ensuring that their services were tailored precisely to meet my requirements. A standout feature of working with Francis and Mari Marketing was their proactive approach. They consistently anticipated potential challenges, addressing them swiftly with effective solutions. Communication throughout our partnership was exemplary, with regular updates and prompt responses to any queries or concerns. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Francis and Mari Marketing, my Amazon Wholesale and Walmart accounts experienced remarkable growth and success. Their performance surpassed my expectations across all aspects, from account management to customer service. Partnering with Francis and Mari Marketing proved to be one of the most beneficial decisions for my business. I wholeheartedly endorse Francis and Mari Marketing to anyone seeking top-tier expertise in managing their Amazon Wholesale and Walmart accounts. Their unwavering dedication, professionalism, and results-oriented approach position them as an indispensable resource for any business aiming to excel in the e-commerce arena.

Date of experience: 03 April, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.05
Dear William, thank you for sharing your exceptional experience with our team. We're thrilled to hear of the remarkable growth your accounts have experienced. Your endorsement means a lot to me and my entire team!
Philip Casada
United States | 2024.04.01
Back Selling Again After a Restricted Product Policy Violation I can't thank Francis and Mari Marketing enough for his incredible support in getting my Amazon business back on track! After facing a restricted product policy violation that left me unable to sell on the platform, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. That's when I reached out to Francis and Mari Marketing, and I'm so glad I did! Francis not only provided expert guidance and support but also went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the steps needed to resolve the issue and get back to selling again. Thanks to his strategic approach and in-depth knowledge of Amazon's policies, I'm back in business and stronger than ever. I highly recommend Francis and Mari Marketing to any Amazon seller facing challenges or restrictions – they truly are lifesavers!

Date of experience: 29 March, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.04.02
Dear Philip, I am overjoyed to know that my support helped you get back on track. It's great to know you're selling again and stronger than ever! Thank you!
Sarah Garcia
United States | 2024.03.22
Great Support from Francis at Mari Marketing I had the pleasure of working with Francis at Mari Marketing after Amazon suspended my seller account for linked account issues. Francis swiftly came to my aid with his expertise and dedication. He provided tailored solutions and invaluable guidance throughout the process as I was really lost and did not know what to do here after submitting multiple documents into Amazon that kept getting rejected. I highly recommend Mari Marketing, especially with Francis's support – he truly has your back!
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.23
Dear Sarah, I am thrilled to hear about your positive experience! I always strive to provide the best support to my clients. Your recommendation means a lot to me. Thank you!
John Grimms
United States | 2024.03.19
Great Amazon Seller Management Happy to leave a review for Francis and his team there at Mari Marketing as I have been using his Amazon Private Label management now for 9 months and it has really helped my business turnaround from the slump that I was having before using his services. So far, everything has been really as expected and can gladly recommend him to other sellers that that are in need of an experienced and transparent Amazon management team. Very happy thus so far!
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.19
Dear John, I am thrilled to hear our Amazon Private Label Management has boosted your business. Thanks for your recommendation and trust with me and my team. We'll strive to keep exceeding expectations!
Patricia Morales Herrera
Patricia Morales Herrera
Grateful for the quick and effective solutions Mari Marketing offered me with my intellectual property issues. Francis did a great job.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.19
Happy that I was able to get a win for you Patricia. Thank you again!
Douglas Vaccarella
Douglas Vaccarella
Francis and his team at Mari Marketing were able to successfully resolve an ongoing issue of mine in about a week’s time. I wasted 60 days attempting to handle it myself. Very Knowledgeable!
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.19
Thank you Doug for your patience with the process! Happy that I was able to assist!
Daniel Holms
United States | 2024.03.16
Excellent Amazon FBA Management Services I've been using Mari Marketing's Amazon FBA services for the past 7 months, and I must say, it's been absolutely great for my business. Francis' team is really exceptional and understands the nuances of selling on Amazon. Their expertise in FBA management has been instrumental in helping me maximize profits and streamline operations. What sets them apart is their dedication to delivering tangible results. Since partnering with Francis and his team, I've seen a significant uptick in sales and overall performance. Their strategic approach to optimizing listings, managing inventory, and driving traffic has been incredibly effective. It's evident that they prioritize the success of their clients above all else. What I also appreciate is their proactive communication and willingness to go the extra mile. They are always available to address any concerns or questions I may have, providing invaluable support every step of the way. I highly recommend Mari Marketing's Amazon FBA services to any seller looking for top-notch management and genuine results. They've undoubtedly made a positive difference in my business, and I have full confidence in their ability to help others achieve success on the platform.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.16
Dear Daniel, we're thrilled our FBA services and dedication have proven beneficial to your business. Hearing your success confirms our mission. Thank you for your confidence and for your high recommendation!
Chad Davis
United States | 2024.03.15
Successful Amazon Verification Assistance Francis from Mari Marketing did a terrific job in assisting me with my Amazon seller account verification. I had been dealing with this issue for several months and kept running into roadblocks as Amazon kept rejecting my documentation. He successfully guided me in obtaining the correct items needed for submission and even did it remotely via Zoom and walked me through the entire process. Great experience and very helpful as I am back on the platform now without issues.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.15
Dear Chad, I am delighted to hear of your positive experience. I strive to provide exceptional service and I am glad you're now back on the platform without issues. Thank you for your kind words.
Ben Johnson
United States | 2024.03.14
Reinstated Again! This was the second time that I used Francis and his reinstatement services for my Amazon seller account. I had multiple authenticity issues and was just not getting anywhere with Amazon. Francis really battled it out with Amazon and got me back. Extremely grateful and I would very much recommend him to other sellers in need.

Date of experience: 11 March, 2024
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.14
Dear Ben, I am thrilled to hear that my reinstatement services helped you successfully navigate your authenticity issues. Your recommendation means a lot to me. Thank you for your trust and support!
Benjamin Lauer
Benjamin Lauer
Please read before doing any business with Francis… I signed up for Francis for him and his team to take over my Amazon account and help me get me more relationships with vendors, dealing with any Amazon issues and also getting more products/sales. Since then it has been a HUGE headache and nothing but lies. It originally took me over a month just to get started in the process after continuing to pay their fees. This was because of a state issue so not on them. But even once this was resolved, there was a major delay on Francis and his guys part but he was still wanting paid full price at the end of each month for little to slim work done. When you ask for anything to be done from his VA’s you should expect 2 weeks minimum for them to get I done… maybe up to a month. Even though you are paying them a good amount each month they will take their time because Francis says they have too much “back end” work going on. The first rounds of products we started selling the first item was a red negative item losing me money… how could this already be happening? Paying such a high fee and then they get me red products? This took over another month with Amazon to resolve and was a sizing issue in the warehouse. Next product is something I get and is sitting at my house because I am not approved to sell it on Amazon.. even though his guys instructed me to buy that item. Now after canceling his service I am now getting listings taken down because I was never approved by the original brand to sell these products. Francis will overcharge you for some guys he got together from upwork/fiverr and says they are very experienced. They will do nothing but cause delays and lose you money. Unfortunately Francis never wanted to offer a refund so I had to open a case through my bank, but yet he “understood” my frustrations and wanted to offer me a free month of service but never any refunds. This guy is a joke when it comes to Amazon services, he is only good as a lawyer and should stick with that. But if you love to lose money than Francis is your guy
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.18
Kindly Review Our Official Statement Below in Regards to Your Comments: Dear Ben, As the owner of Mari Marketing and a dedicated service provider, I prioritize client satisfaction and handle complaints with the utmost seriousness such as yours. I am also committed to 100% transparency and resolving issues promptly and fairly. Moreover, constructive criticism is always welcomed as it helps to enhance our services for all respective clients. However, I feel compelled to address your comments accordingly below: REFUND ISSUE: 1. Upon thorough consideration of your feedback, my team and I believe that your comments are primarily motivated by our decision not to issue you a refund. It is important to clarify that we opted not to refund the fees for the following reasons: (a) We did indeed provide you the services per the service contract in full for all three months of services. (b) You entered into a comprehensive service contract, which we extensively discussed prior to utilizing our services. This contract explicitly outlines our refund policy, stipulating that refunds are only permissible under specific conditions. Following a thorough examination of your case, it became evident that these conditions were not met. Therefore, in accordance with the terms of the contract, a refund is not applicable in your particular situation. (c) Rather than engaging in direct dialogue with us to address your grievances or concerns, you opted to initiate a chargeback with your bank, effectively nullifying any possibility of refunds as outlined in our contract. Despite our best efforts to fulfill our contractual obligations and address your concerns, the situation was complicated by your decision to pursue a chargeback rather than engaging in dialogue with us which we would have gladly done in order to find viable solutions which is the most important thing to us as a service provider. DELAYS: The delays were primarily due to misunderstandings regarding the Amazon process, including issues with state regulations and an address discrepancy resulting from incorrect information provided by you to Amazon. Despite these challenges falling beyond our original agreement, we promptly resolved them without additional charges. LENGTH OF TASKS: We disagree with claims of prolonged task completion. Delays were largely due to factors beyond our control. We maintained regular communication and promptly addressed any arising issues. PRODUCT SELECTION: We provided guidance based on our expertise and experience, though ultimate brand approval rests with Amazon or the respective brands. Brand approval was obtained on your behalf but disregarded due to the chargeback process. TEAM COMMENTS: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with a proven track record, collectively generating over $1 million in sales for clients. Claims suggesting otherwise are unfounded. We take pride in our team's expertise and reject any implication of their lack of qualification. FREE MONTH OF SERVICE: Despite offering a complimentary month to address delays, chargeback claims were pursued. Refunds were not provided due to the completion of services outlined in the contract, which underwent thorough review prior to agreement. Full transparency was maintained throughout the process. IN SUMMARY: As a professional service provider committed to client satisfaction, my team and I strive to address concerns promptly and fairly. While I am open to issuing refunds in cases where valid issues are identified, it is important to note that the claims made in your specific case do not align with the facts presented. While we truly regret any dissatisfaction experienced, my team and I stand by the quality of our services and remain dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving 100% Amazon success. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
Nate Collector
Nate Collector
Not recommended. Stay far away from
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.03.12
I have no idea who you are, and you never used my services. Your review has been reported to Google.
Robin Nickens
Robin Nickens
I want to use your service after 2 days of research. But I'm not sure whether your service is suitable for the product we are selling or not, so I hope you reply. Because my profile is blocked from sending messages actively , please contact me via the link below:
Shawna Oberholtzer
Shawna Oberholtzer
Francis was great and easy to work with! He got my AMZ account reinstated after a section 3 deactivation for an IP counterfeit complaint. He wrote a very detailed plan of action that successfully got my account reinstated after the first submission. Thank you so much Francis!
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.02.23
Thank you Shawna for using my services. Happy that I was able to get you back on board the platform.
Michael Schuster
Michael Schuster
HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!! Mari Marketing was quick and efficient at getting my Amazon account back up. We were really in a jam and they were reasonably priced and fast to respond. We were so pleased with Mari that we have them providing several additional services on a regular basis.
Reply from Mari Marketing 2024.02.07
Thank you so much Michael for the feedback and for your patience with the process. Looking forward to continued business relationship!