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2024.04.27 2024.04.27 | United Kingdom
Any positive review of this company needs to be reviewed I registered for a scrum master training and a business analysis training and can confidently say: As stated in my previous/various emails to LSI, see below.They failed to provide: *A standard Scrum and Business Analysis Training. *Failed to provide guaranteed Work Experience. *Failed to provide technical guidance and advice for career support. *Failed to provide as promised the overview of the job market. *I failed to learn about potential employers as promised when you marketed the courses to me and based on what you promised on your website. *Failed to provide me with the techniques required to use recruiters effectively. *Failed to help me find the right job role for me and provide me with the assistance for job application process and interview preparation tools as promised by your marketer and as advertised on your website. *Failed to reply to my email asking for the next stage in the process. *Failed to keep your own terms and conditions.