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If you're in Cambridge and want to start an online shop, check out ii Marketing. I used them to make my online store, design my logo, and get everything set up. They made my site look good and easy to find, which helps with sales. I'm happy with what they did for my brand.
Reply from ii Marketing 2023-09-09
Thanks for the glowing review! We're thrilled to hear your new online store and logo are helping get your business off the ground. While we're based in Cambridge, our focus is on elevating your brand, no matter where you are. Excited for what's ahead in our partnership.
Campkins Photography
Campkins Photography
Campkins Cameras has had the pleasure of partnering with ii Marketing for our digital transition journey over the past three years. Founded in 1952, we are a brick and motor camera shop based in Cambridge, UK, that has stood the test of time, and this latest hurdle of the COVID-19 pandemic was no different, thanks to ii Marketing's outstanding service. ii Marketing has provided a all-inclusive suite of services including website design, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), product & website management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, and graphic design. These well-rounded and integrated efforts not only alleviated our need to hire a full-time eCommerce manager & support team, but also substantially reduced our operational costs, resulting in an exceptionally cost-efficient website operation. The user-friendly, intuitive e-commerce website created by ii Marketing has not only facilitated our transition into the online space but also improved our branding and digital presence. They took on the monumental task of listing over 12,000 new products on our online store, ensuring accurate, engaging product descriptions along with high-quality images. Our SEO efforts, both on-page and off-page, have resulted in a substantial 65% of our total web traffic now coming from Google. This highlights ii Marketing's skill in optimising our online visibility and driving organic traffic. Furthermore, the email marketing strategy they developed for us has led to a 72% YoY increase in subscribers, contributing significantly to customer retention and sales growth. The results of our collaboration with ii Marketing speak for themselves: A notable 90% YoY increase in users, A massive 124% YoY sales growth, and An astounding 67% of total sales are generated through Google's organic traffic. These figures demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of ii Marketing in transitioning businesses into the digital realm, even in highly competitive markets. It is truly a testament to their team's expertise and the power of well-executed digital marketing strategies. In short, the partnership with ii Marketing has been a game-changer for Campkins Cameras, effectively navigating us through the challenges of the pandemic, and setting us on a path of sustained growth. Their work has proved beyond doubt that a robust online presence and well-executed optimisation strategy can drive extraordinary business results. ii Marketing, thank you for your commitment to our digital transformation and your outstanding service. We look forward to many more years of success in our partnership. Owen, Campkins Cameras
Reply from ii Marketing 2023-06-16
Owen, your kind words have us beaming! At ii Marketing, we believe in turning challenges into victories. We're thrilled to see Campkins Cameras excel in the digital arena. Here's to more growth and success. Thanks, Campkins Cameras!