Ganja West Online Dispensary in Canada Reviews

Ganja West Online Dispensary in Canada Reviews


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Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Review! AAA I really enjoyed placing a order with ganja west from the professional staff and wonderful customer service to even quicker shipping. Overall for my first order i was very pleased with Ganja West and definitely will be returning. The point system they have is awesome. Pretty much free stuff every order. I ordered the thin mint Girl Scout cookies and got a wicked discount. If you haven’t yet, put an order in with ganja west you will not be
The best site on the internet Wow just marvelous great experience great buzz great service making my life so much better thank you
Puff Luff (Gogo)
good things très bon service fiable je fait affaire avec vous depuis presque une année et jamais eu de problème
Excellent Très bonne barre de chocolat juste 1 morceaux et j'étais bozzer
Good Stuff The price is right and the free shipping is great!
Cedric Choquet
Meilleur vendeur 😉 Vraiment c'est la meilleur place meilleur stock meilleur prix et une excellente selection
Tommy Therriault
excellent good service fiable
Vraiment bon comme service, jamais déçu, et tjr de la bonne qualité je recommande fortement.
Psilocybin 1up bars Ganja West has these great Psilocybin ONE UP chocolate bars. The effects? What can I say? Euphoric but not hallucinogenic (mind you I only ate 2 squares). What a great body high, that gives you a sense of clarity and positivity. It was an enlightening experience that I look forward to again.
Super produits Très bons produits variés et de qualité Excellent service après vente Je le recommande
Why Y
First time with WCC First time with this MOM, good experience, no issues at all, solid company, keep it up🔥🔥🔥
Check it out awesome deals
Robert Godreau
Merci merci pour le bon cannabis médical et tous cela à bon prix ;
Mr Green
A1 Customer Service I had thought the company was ignoring my order request.. However it was just that some qlitch they did not receive my emails.. Now I had a good experience as Gangawest has reached out and honoured and expired offer.. Now that's good customer service! I'll likely be a repeat customer and would highly recommend this company.. Keep up the good work!
Good shipping, good stuff Im not searching for another dispensary, this one is already awesome
D Savident
Great quality Super fast I made my order Monday morning received it Wednesday morning, everything was well packaged, very discreet and crazy low prices!! Definitely worth checking this company out🙂
Ganja West the best mom Ganja West in simply the best mom there is. The quality of the Products is just awesome. I've ordered this pack of goodness and everything was right and potent, all that with an excellent Price. Plus, the costumer service is quick yo respond and they always work great with the customer. Gw is just the best.
Superb experience Been ordering for years through GW and they always go above and beyond what with bonuses, free items if you're a loyal customer AND amazing customer service. They have a lifetime customer in me.
Y Ng
GW 2nd of 2 reviews Anyone who wants to experience the BEST customer service has to use GW. This recent order was processed so fast, 2 days from West Coast to ONT. Outstanding. No one can match GW, keep up the great job.
Angela Haggerty
Favorite I have ordered from other sites, GW is definitely a favorite.yhr site is easy to navigate, great prices and love the minimum purchase order for free shipping. Plus; points, I think the points system is fabulous! Thank you Ganja West!