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2023.01.15 2023.01.15
Scam I booked and paid, but when i turned up to the hotel they said there was no booking and that it had been cancelled … when they searched the date of cancellation it was the day after i paid. This website is a scam
scam we booked a room through them. we were charged and when we got to the hotel the room was not available. refused to refund our money. it's a scam do not use this service.
2022.10.22 2022.10.22
Worst company ever! Had a reservation for two nights it going $355.00. Had to cancel due to job restrictions, called findhotel and was told I would be refunded. It's been two and a half months and nothing has been done by them except stalling and blaming everyone else. No refund as yet even though I have an email stating that cancellation was fine with the hotel and I would have a refund as soon as possible. They refuse to stand by what was stated to me and have kept my I'm working with the credit card company now providing documentation but this is extremely unprofessional and I'm sure, illegal. I do not recommend this company to anybody. They just keep transferring you from person to person and have stated the person that authorized it doesn't work for the company anymore. This is their answer for keeping my $355 for no reason.
2022.10.17 2022.10.17
It was smooth and I had no problem I write this review because I was so scared when reqding other reviews here. I did pay my reservation before looking up on the review because the price was slightly cheaper. It turned out to be okay and I had my reservation alright, so I think it is an okay (legit) site.
They charge you and give you no room They charge you and give you no room. I had the foresight to call the hotel to see if the reservation existed 2 days before check in. It did not exist. Call your bank to get your money back if you fall for this scam.
Bait and Switch at the very least I've never used this site before but Kayak sent me to them as the cheapest rate. After they took all my information like I was going to get this good booking (not great mind you), they put up a message that the price had mysteriously changed, by 35%, within the few minutes it took to put in all my information. Honestly, I thought that Kayak would be more reliable with who they get rates from but apparently not. Cross another scammer off your list. They are gathering your personal information probably to sell or to use otherwise.
Avoid using FindHotel. It took my 600 euro despite no reservation Avoid using FindHotel. I lost 600 euro in a scam by FindHotel. It booked a wrong hotel for my reservation and has not returned my 600 euro after nearly 3 months of realizing the mistake. This, despite that I even helped FindHotel cancel its erroneous reservation. My credit card company is now filing a case of fraud against FindHotel for me. FindHotel is a fraudulent service. Avoid using it at all cost if you don't want to go through all the trouble I had to go through and ruin your holiday experience.
Veo mucha gente que dice que es solo scam en esta compañía pero la verdad que yo no tuve ningún problema al momento de hacer check in. Todo fue muy rápido y efectivo!
2022.09.15 2022.09.15
No Issues. Booked Holiday Inn O'hare thru Findhotel website. Got the best price and no issues with the reservations. Whatever the shortcomings of the hotel were, it was not related to Findhotel. Will definitely recommend FINDHOTEL website to book hotels. Very pleased.
Motel wouldn't accept third party, said he was gona cancel, but this company doesn't refund, crooks, crooks and more crooks.
Beware I used this site recently in Melbourne to book one night at the airport. Findhotel then said the hotel was booked out so booked me somewhere else ( usually a far cheaper hotel ) On complaining about the amount paid I have not heard anything back nor reimbursed for the excessive cost. Would never use them again particularly after reading other reviews.
¡ATENCIÓN CUIDADO! ¡ATENCIÓN CUIDADO! Cobros duplicados, reservas que nunca llegan, retenciones en tu tarjeta, pésima atención al cliente y un larguísimo etcétera. Cuidado, al elegir esta página, te puedes encontrar en el medio de la nada sin Hotel y sin dinero. Realizan cargos inmediatos en tu tarjeta, pero luego simplemente no hay reserva, nada de nada y cuando llamas al hotel más de lo mismo, no hay ninguna reserva a tú nombre. No vale la pena por ahorrar 4 ó 5 € pasar un mal rato, porque si tienes suerte, todo irá sobre ruedas, pero desgraciadamente tu bienestar y dinero no pueden ser administrado por la suerte. Hicimos una reserva en Bélgica y después de facilitarles un sin fin de datos, hicieron el cobro en la tarjeta, pero la reserva nunca llegó. A día de hoy, no he recibido ningún tipo de comunicación por parte, solo se pusieron en contacto con migo después de dejar mi valoración en Truspilot. Muchas personas interpondrán reclamación, pero otras simplemente pasarán por falta de tiempo o por desconocimiento del método para reclamar a esta gente. Los cargos que realizan en tu tarjeta aparecen como "FindHotel". Si se encuentran en esta situación contacte con su banco de inmediato e informe que es un cargo indebido y denuncie como estafa. Sí, cobrar por un servicio que no se ofrece es estafa. Usen otras plataformas más seguras aunque sean ligeramente más caras. ¡Lo barato sale caro!
2022.06.09 2022.06.09 | Thailand
BE AWARE - NOT A 100% REFUND BE AWARE! if you credit card is not in EU (and currency is not EUR) and you need to cancel your booking, you will receive at least 10% less funds that you paid! I reached out to they customer service and was told that there is nothing they can do. They operate in EUR and obviously they use different exchange rates for payments and refunds. Never again.
They charge my credit card twice The hotel never had a reservation for us I had a book another hotel it’s cost me over $350 contacted them no response in my credit card Who is charged twice. Hotels told us they were booked weeks in advance. Thank God I used my American Express card and I can take this up with that because I was getting no response from this company.
2022.06.02 2022.06.02
Findhotel is a great and legit website I have booked an hotel in NYC at a incredibly low rate and when I got to the hote they had my reservation. All went good! Thank you Findhotel!
2022.04.18 2022.04.18
SPAM!!! Scam Alert! This is a fradulent website with false employees. The entire company is fraud. Do not book from this will never see your money or a reservation. They are crooks.
The resort couldn't "FindHotel" booking On 02/28 I booked a room for 5/6. I called the resort 10 minutes later and they had the booking on file. After speaking with my spouse we decided to change the arrival date to 5/5. I contacted findhotels and they stated that although there is an option to revise your reservation you cannot actual revise it. You have to cancel it and rebook it with the needed changes. Fair enough, I cancelled the room received a refund and attempted to book the same room. In less than 24 hours the same room at 1 addition night went from $93 a night to $225 a night. Despite my frustrations I booked a different kind of room with the same resort. 5 days later and the resort still does not have record of my reservation. I spoke with findhotels on 3 different occasions. The representatives are only through chat but all were polite. However final solution was it may take until the week before my reservation for them to see my reservation. I have almost always used 3rd party sites for my rentals and book several months in advance. I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes for the hotel to acknowledge my reservation. I will say that being that another week has passed rooms are limited and much more expensive than when I first started looking. The only offer for findhotel to help was for me to cancel my reservation. 2 stars for polite staff, no ability to call to speak with a person, no attempt to offer resolution not even try to resend request.
2021.12.10 2021.12.10
DO NOT USE THIS SITE This place is a complete scam. We booked a month in advance for a December visit to NYC and they charged our card 3 days after booking. We called the hotel 48 hours prior to our reservation and they had no record of us. We went back and for with customer service, only to come to NO resolution and the option to either refund or find another location. (Why would I trust them to find another location after this? We made our plans around this specific hotel) I’m getting no response as to WHY our booking did not get sent to the hotel and derailed our entire planned visit. Still trying to get this figured out with them and they keep telling me to call back in an hour. This place is absolute BS.