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Danielle Lamke
Danielle Lamke
Today I completed a course online at Stephen was very prompt and receptive in response to my email regarding an error. The course contains knowledgeable information and beneficial templates for guidance on creating and implementing an effective HACCP plan.
Danielle Lamke
Beneficial Training and Excellent Resource Downloads eHACCP's Certified HACCP Principles and GDPs for Food Storage and Distribution provides you with knowledgeable training content and excellent downloadable resources. I found the instructor to be very prompt and receptive to feedback given on the course. Overall, a great course that I would recommend.
Akashdeep kaur
I had an great experience while acquiring my HACCAP certification from ehaccap org.
Great content and easy to follow.
James Kenoyer
HACCP Principles and GMP Training for Food Processors and Manufacturers This was amazing online class experience. Alot of great information provided.
Prabh nagra
Informative The is very informative website. The course is easy and well organized. It helps me to know more about fresh produce industry in depth.
Mandeep Kaur
It was excellent experience by stuyding this cource. I get to know some new facts or knowledge.
Kris Betser
HACCP The content was easy to understand.
Md Easin Arafat
Many many helpful course
Michele DeGennaro
HACCP Dairy Well-structured and a lot of good information. Very easy to navigate.
Matt S.
Great Course! The 7 principles were laid out in a clear manner while supplemented by other pertinent information concerning pathogens and regulatory requirements.
Yoel Steinmetz
an amazing course talk to the point must say I'm totally amaze how the designed on the courses are, well organize easy to work with, really amazing how it's done, Thanks
Well Laid out Program The entire program was well laid out and easy to understand. The parts that were more difficult, I was easily able to go back and review as needed.
Emilie Patterson
Course is well structured
Lamiae schamel
I had a great experience I will advice everyone to enroll in this course
Todd Strickler
Course is well structured I just finished the HACCP for Food Storage and Distribution Course. The course was structured in a logical sequence where each module builds on the previous ones. The practice quiz at the end of each module was helpful in ensuring understanding of the content, and a great study aid for the final exam.
Cindy Williams
Sam Schad
Great Platform & Awesome Service! The E-HACCP training program was incredibly helpful in training our staff in operating and maintain a HACCP Program on a day-to-day basis. Whenever we had questions or requests E-HACCP was quick and resourceful, Thanks so much E-HACCP!
Jennifer Payne
Excellent Information