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highest quality! I ordered 5g n-desethylisotonitazene and 5g rilmazafone through the shop. I received the tracking number from friendly support 2 days later. After 14 days the package arrived. The quality of the chemicals is bomb and highly pure!!!
Germany | 2024.01.19
Great samples great Quality I ordered 4 2.5g samples metonitaze, protonitazene, deschloroetizolam and bromazolam. The order arrived after 15 days and the quality is the best I've had so far. The contact was very friendly and I can only recommend the website
hans dampf
Czech Republic | 2024.01.14
best vendor I ordered 10g protonitazen. Very pure stuff. Fast shipping and great product is the best vendor I can only recommend to anyone looking for high quality research chemicals. The vendor with the best benzos and opioids. Shipping to DE takes approx. 14 days.