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This place is a joke ! These guys got shut down over a year ago by canadian government. Search it in google... And the site was offline 404 error.. for over half year. When they reopened I inquired about an order I paid for and never received due to their business being illegal at the time and closed after a raid. I bought from them for years, spend thousands and the told me... sorry we can't do anything. $330 ORDER GONE! stay away from this clown show and go to your local dispensary. Hope they get shutdown for good. I will be making a report with police and my local up.
Burna Boy
STOLE MY BITCOIN STOLE MY BITCOINS. Even tho I keep sending the proof of transaction, they keep telling me it's not there. SCAMMERS
Blaine Cruickshank
All smiles I have to say it was an easy stress free,Customer Service was great,They helped with picking the perfect product for me,I use to order from another place which was good,But the product quality and price is unbeatable
Darrin L
Awesome service. Good choices I'd love more vape CBD flavors though!!😉
Fast shipping. Quality products and good prices. will definitely order again
Tom Oneill
Beware the concentrates Concentrates have filler or cut, if the dabs leave a film on your teeth then there's a problem.
Mike K
I am loyal to this company and thankful I can afford my concentrates Flavours out class most that I find in the dispensaries for five times as much but unfortunately I can’t afford even close to that, the flavour of the Turpines and the quality is A+. The vapour is amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about this company they send me free samples of concentrates instead of bud as a bonus gift just because I asked, their customer service is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. The shipping is fast (they always ship same day if they can), and when I speak about good quality concentrates, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve bought hundreds. Some of the best highs as well which obviously is important as how high you get (which is very high). I just wish this was a local dispensary instead because I’d be there everyday. I’ve ordered almost every strain and ordered many many times. A++++
Alexandre Vézina
Do not order or be really careful Hey buddy be really careful with them, they just scam me, I ordered half pound of distillate and they send me quarter pound and said they wouldn't compensate me because I didn't take a video when I opened the package, so be ready careful if you, or anyone, order there. FYI I lost 700$ today
Useless. You wanna deal with a bunch of useless lazy people then these are the people for you. Yeah cheap concentrate but you get what you pay for and flower well I have yet to get a sample of anything good so enjoy! Have fun waiting a week or more and paying full price shipping, this is also not due to Canada post, it’s them taking 2 days or more to pack and ship. Zero customer support.
Amir Kadic
Worst quality buds they claim was craft and quads Stop lying in yo ur reviews this is cheap bunk fools weed its outdoor garbage i spent 150 and it was a waste of my money and then time too Pure garbage u need to show real reviews that are showing the bad side of ur business. Dont order from them unless u like shitty weed and being lied to
They are TRASH Just horrible. Worst experience of my damn life and would even offer any compensation for their own mess up. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL. Head over to “ CANADA BLISS HERBALS” cause their customer service is definitely better and I know for a fact cause I have had a similar situation and they dealt with it like a true professional. Do better BUDEXPRESS IM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU PPL. I gave you guys soooo many customers I didn’t deserve this treatment and it’s fucking disgusting
Douglas Browne
Exceptional This was my first time ordering any cannabis products online. My doctor recommended CBD for my back pain and a friend recommended this site. The order process was very simple and the e-transfer is so much better than using a credit card. Order arrived in 3 days from across Canada. Plus I got free gifts for my first time order. This will be my go-to site from now on
An absolute blessing I've been a member of BudExpressNOW since December 8, 2017 and have never doubted the quality of all the products offered by BudExpressNOW. As a low-income individual with a Medical Prescription for Cannabis my biggest hurdles were the prices and delivery times of Licensed Producers such as Tilray. BudExpressNOW Helped me alleviate the huge burden of accessing affordable cannabis and concentrates by allowing me to purchase my medicine at an affordable price. Example: Tilray 20mg/ml CBD oil, total CBD per bottle: 2,000mg Cost: $89.98 PLUS TAX BudExpressNOW: 2,000mg CBD COST: $30
Top Shelf Dispensary They have come back better than ever! Best M.O.M. in Canada. Sales and giveaways are a constant. Bud is great and I love the new 'quantities' available. I have been using B.C. mail order since Bud Buddy back in the day. I have a group of 3 or 4 trusted sites that I use regularly but find myself using BXN exclusively last few orders. Thanks for what you do so very well, a totally happy satisfied customer!!