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Best Website Amazing service and amazing quality
Charles Lama
Charles Lama
Bad customer service I never had any problem with the website until my last order where purolator sent my package to the wrong address. It’s impossible to get through to bud cargo , they don’t answer emails and phone calls which means I have no way of getting my money or the product I ordered back. I would suggest to try a different website with a better customer service.
travis funk
Fastest delivery ever I order from here exclusively, it is by far the best place to shop, and they take credit card! Also I get top quality product and delivered the morning after!
B Le Blanc
Faith Restored Hope you have your situation resolved Terry... It took a few days but everything got sorted out in the end for me.
Terry Watts
Idk what to think, I ordered it a day or two ago and no one is responding to my messages and they accepted the e-transfer but when I tried to contact them at the number they provided and got some Chinese lady on the phone pretending not to understand and couldn't speak English. I feel like I'm getting scammed!!!.
Marlon Smith
Budcargo Very good service, good quality and speedy delivery, would recommend to anyone,good flowers , I also bought a vape pen,
Good products I had a good experience with this shop. Products were all great. There was one item that was out of stock so they put another product and wrote that they would send the right product when they get it, so that's awesome. Packaging was good to. 10/10
Duchesne OLIVIER
Wowww Fast Hello to all I am very happy to have found this site bud cargo...I ordered on June 21 and I received on June 22 at 2hrs22 thank you very much and I will suggest this site to all my friends Bonjours a tous je suis tres heureux d'avoir trouver se site bud cargo..jai commander le 21 juin et jai recu le 22 juin a 2hrs22 merci beaucoup et je oui je vais suggerer se site a tout mes amis
Solid site Good site, fast shipping, great deals.
Yuri Hlebanja
Rockstar OG was great! Stronger than I expected, I really enjoyed the strain as usual!
Walter Mitchell
As easy as 1-2-3! Easy website to navigate, lots of deals, and fast delivery.
Genevieve St-denis
Thats a very good place. It's alway's good. The delivery it's so fast to. I'll referd at many friends
albert samms
very arrogant and bossy agent sandy turned my stomach so so quality like most black market not worth the money, mold or terrible customer service...i do not recommend bud cargo.
Very affordable and great quality At first I was sceptical about buying online but let me tell you, great experience, great prices, great smoke. Their descriptions fit the experience to a tea. This is my forever home for green. Love this whole system. Fast and easy and most of all affordable
ken “K13Th73” Theriault
ken “K13Th73” Theriault
Livraison rapide.Jamais de mauvaises surprises et des prix vraiment très intéressant😁😉👍
Very good Fast deliver and fair prices great company
Sebastien Paquette
Customer service is amazing So I started by reserving my order but i couldnt pay so they kept it for me for a while and even then the green isnt too dry and for the oz special it worth it 100% just small budz
Total Satisfaction Always a great experience with my purchases. If there is an issue then it is resolved immediately. Bud Cargo was recommended to me and I do the same with all of my friends.
Michelle Martinez
Customer of 3 years and some This is my go to online dispensary, great customer service and great product