Trustpilot: The Ultimate Guide in 2022 

Author: Victoria Csiga

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is a review website founded in 2007 by a Danish entrepreneur named Peter Holten Mühlmann. The platform is currently owned by the European tech venture capital, Molten Ventures. 

Trustpilot helps business owners collect credible feedback from their existing customers and share them with potential customers to help them make better purchase decisions. You can display the reviews on your website to build your reputation and generate new leads. Also, potential clients can read all the reviews published on the platform and thus make an informed purchase decision. 

Trustpilot displays both positive and negative feedback from verified buyers, helping people get a clear picture of your brand. You can manage your reviews and respond to feedback directly within the platform, helping improve your customer experience. 

What Are the Benefits of Having an Active Trustpilot Business Profile?

Online shoppers are increasingly reading online reviews before making a purchase decision. Once they find your website, they will read through to see what you are offering, then go beyond your website to get more information to help them make a decision. To achieve this, they will either ask someone or search for reviews on your social media page, Google My Business, Four Square, Yelp and Trustpilot.

Here are the benefits of having an active Trustpilot review page;

Build Online Reputation for Your Business

Reviews show that your business actually exists. The review trend on your profile showcases the solutions you are offering and whether they meet customers’ expectations. Displaying both positive and negative reviews portrays your business as a credible brand. Trustpilot reviews can share feedback about your products, services, staff, business premises, delivery, and overall experience. As you respond to their concerns, you build your reputation as a responsive and professional company. Responding to Trustpilot reviews also shows that you care about your customers and are ready to address their concerns. 

Helps Establish Trust With Potential Customers

Shoppers trust product reviews more than your product descriptions. Therefore, displaying your star rating on a product increases buyer confidence. Over 1 million people share their honest reviews of businesses listed on Trustpilot every month. This is because they believe other interested buyers will read your reviews and make an informed decision about trusting your brand. New customers can see how you have improved over time and trust that you will satisfy their needs. The transparency of the review gathering process makes Trustpilot a credible source of information for potential customers. Display your Trustpilot reviews on your website to build more trust with customers.

Lead Generation Magnet

Reviews work like word of mouth. A whopping 93% of people read recommendations before buying anything from a company to know what your previous clients have experienced and if they can trust your products and services. People who need your services will find you through the Trustpilot search if you have an active Trustpilot profile. The more positive reviews you have, the better your chances of getting new customers from Trustpilot.

When someone searches for your services on search engines, your Trustpilot profile will show up, especially if you have many reviews. A good star rating is an endorsement of your products and services. So, when people see your Trustpilot’s star rating, they will likely click on your website and buy faster from you than from competitors without a star rating. Furthermore, studies show that people who display Trustpilot’s review on their product pages are 50% more likely to make sales than those without.

Trustpilot Reviews Help Your SEO

Review pages show up on search engines. When someone searches for ‘your brand + reviews’ on their browser, the search engine will first bring all the reviews you have gathered over the years. If you have an active Trustpilot profile, it will appear on the search results together with your average trust score. Trustpilot Reviews are user-generated content which contains keyword-rich text and photos. This free content helps your product pages and website to rank higher for those keywords.

Reviews and star ratings are attention grabbers, and Trustpilot reviews come with a rich snippet preview that shows up on the search results page. Google and other search engines give priority ranking to listings with a star rating over those without. Your Trustpilot’s star rating will give you that coveted top rank on search engine results pages and boost your traffic. If you have reviews on other review websites, they will also show up on search results and generate more traffic for your website.

Trustpilot Review Page is a Source of Referral Traffic for Your Business

Many people begin their search for recommendations on Trustpilot. People who are already reading reviews have already made up their minds and are in the consideration stage of the customer journey. When they find positive reviews on your Trustpilot page, they will end up opening your website for more details. The more the clicks, the higher your referral traffic and the overall performance of your website.

Improves Google Seller Ratings

Trustpilot has a partnership with Google. This partnership makes it possible to merge all your product reviews from Google, Bing and Yahoo, boosting your overall rating. Therefore, you do not have to rely on the automated Trustpilot review invitations to collect reviews; you can import them from third parties.

Highlight Areas That Need Improvement

After interacting with your brand, customers can share their opinion regarding the order placing process, website’s ease of use, customer service, shipping, and quality of the service or product. Your Trustpilot dashboard will highlight negative reviews that need your attention so you can respond to them as soon as possible. As customers leave negative reviews and other suggestions, you will be able to collect those ideas and use them to make any needed improvements to your products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trustpilot

Are Trustpilot Reviews Legit?

Yes. Trustpilot collects reviews only from verified customers. The platform posts approximately 1 million reviews every month from verified buyers across different industries. They have an anomaly detection software that flags fake reviews for removal. Last year, they removed 2.7 million counterfeit reviews from the system. The review website also has a partnership with Google, meaning the reviews they publish are legitimate and verified. 

How Do I Get Trustpilot Reviews?

To collect and display reviews on Trustpilot is very easy. Sign up for a business account, choose a subscription plan and start sending invitations to your past customers. Trustpilot only publishes reviews of businesses that have an active account. To collect reviews, you need to send the invites. 

Do Companies Pay for Trustpilot Reviews?

Trustpilot has a free and paid plan for all businesses. Over 90% of companies on Trustpilot use the free plan to collect and display reviews. However, Trustpilot has a paid plan for businesses that need to access advanced features. For instance, you must pay to access the automated review collection feature and view consumer insights. These advanced features help you make better decisions to support your business and perfect service delivery.

Does Trustpilot Delete Negative Reviews?

Trustpilot does not flag negative reviews and feedback posted on business pages. Customers post their genuine reviews and rank your business from 1-5 stars. However, Trustpilot flags reviews that breach the review guidelines for removal. For example, if they suspect the review came from a bot, competitor, family member, yourself or an unverified buyer.

Where Can I Verify Trustpilot’s Reviews?

When reading reviews about a business to see if it is credible, it is sometimes essential to read from several websites. Sometimes, you may find that a website is not on Trustpilot. At times, those reviews may not be enough to help you make a decision. In such a case, you can find reviews on other review websites such as Yelp, Four Square, Google My Business and Better Business Bureau. However, Trustpilot integrates with Google Seller Ratings, Yahoo and Bing Merchant Reviews to show your complete review profile on one page.

How Do I Display the Trustpilot Reviews on My Website?

The Trustpilot widget allows you to automatically display your Trustpilot Reviews on your website, newsletters and email signature. Generate the widget creation code, then add it to your website and email signature to build trust with your potential customers.

How Can I Pay for My Trustpilot Subscription?

Trustpilot accepts payments through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Visa Electron and direct wire transfers.

Trustpilot Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to select up to 6 business categories
  • Easy review import from other review platforms
  • Flexible placement of the TrustBox
  • The basic plan is free forever
  • Many integrations
  • Available on web, iOS, Android and desktop
  • Automated
  • Authentic and transparent review collection process
  • No fakes
  • Easy to use dashboard and review management process


  • Paid plans are expensive
  • Limited integrations
  • Cannot access advanced features on the free plan
  • Fraud detection software sometimes deletes authentic reviews

Trustpilot Subscription 

While Trustpilot is free to use, there are many ways your business can benefit from a paid Trustpilot profile.

This is the dashboard of a new account:

Below is a complete comparison between the free and paid Trustpilot subscription.

FeatureFree PlanPaid Subscription
Profile Page Customization NoYes
Automated Review Invitations 100 per monthUnlimited
Ads on Company Profile Displays adsShows personalized high-resolution
brand promotional messages and Facebook like box
Review Notifications YesYes
Live Chat Support NoYes
Phone Support NoYes
Invite Past Customers
to Review a New Profile
Review Tags NoYes
AnalyticsBasic statisticsAdvanced analytics data
that includes organic search performance,
customer insights, and social media
performance insights
Trustpilot Reviews Widget 222
Social Media Integrations YesYes, with advanced features
such as social media image generator,
automated review posting, and impact measurement. 
Integration with Google,
Bing & Yahoo Rating Systems 
CRM Integrations NoYes
Trustpilot API NoYes

Available Subscription Options

Trustpilot has 3 types of subscriptions for different types of businesses. Depending on your stage of growth and business needs, you can choose from the following options;

1. Standard Plan for Small Businesses


  • Up to 500 automated review invitations.
  • Invite up to 500 past customers to review your business within 90 days of signing up.
  •  Access to 8 Trustbox widgets.

Monthly Price: $225 per domain.

2. Scale Plan for Growing Businesses


  • Unlimited verified review invites.
  • Unlimited reviews from previous customers within the first 90 days of signing up.
  • Access to the entire widget library.

Monthly Price: $900 per domain.

3. Enterprise Plan for Corporates


  • Trustpilot’s APIs
  • Integrate with your internal systems.
  • Customize your widgets.
  • Dedicated support.

Monthly Price: Custom depending on your business needs.

Trustpilot Features and Functions

Automated Feedback Service (AFS)

Trustpilot’s AFS helps businesses to send automated invitations to review a business seven days after a successful purchase. After signing up for a business profile, you receive a Trustpilot email address that you add as a BCC copy when sending emails to your customers for automated review collection. This review collection system ensures that you get reviews only from verified buyers who are not your relatives or competitors.

The invitation email template contains information such as;

  • Name of the customer
  • Name of your company or domain
  • Unique review link
  • Order reference number
  • Trustpilot’s stars
  • Legal notice
  • Company logo

You can customize your template as desired depending on your subscription plan and set automated reminders for your customers.

Average Star Rating

Trustpilot is a five-star review system that shows the quality of your experience with a brand. One star is for a bad experience, while five stars are for an excellent experience. Trustpilot average star is an aggregate of all the reviews you receive from your Trustpilot page, widgets, Google, Yahoo and Bing Merchant review systems. Your star rating ranges from 1-5 and will be displayed on all pages where you insert the TrustBox. The star rating also shows up on Google search results and product pages.


In addition to the star rating, Trustpilot also calculates your average trust score to share with potential customers. TrustScore measures customers’ satisfaction levels with your brand and ranges from 1-5 stars. Your TrustScore is different from your star rating. Recent positive reviews increase your overall trust score, while negative reviews decrease your trust score. 

TrustScore Forecast

TrustScore has a forecast feature that helps you determine how you are doing going by the recent review behavior. This forecast will help you make necessary adjustments to generate more positive reviews and improve your TrustScore.

Analytics Data

Your Trustpilot account comes with a dashboard that shows you how your profile is performing on various platforms. The most important data is the reach of your reviews and the sources of traffic to your Trustpilot profile. Many people will find your business by searching the Trustpilot’s categories. However, some will find your Trustpilot from an organic search, paid search, or from your website widgets. You will be able to see how many people visited your profile and where they came from. 

Your analytics dashboard will also show the location of your audience by country. You can use this data to know who is looking for your services and products.


Trustpilot uses templates to collect feedback from customers. However, they also have widgets that help you to collect feedback directly from email, website home page, product pages and social media. Use Trustpilot widgets to collect reviews, testimonials, showcase customer reviews, Q&As, galleries, and other user-generated content.

To install your widgets, copy the code on your Trustpilot page and paste it where you want to display it. This widget, called TrustBox, displays your TrustScore, attracting people to your Trustpilot page. Different plans come with a different number of widgets. On your dashboard, you will see how different widgets are performing in terms of organic impressions, views and clicks. 

Performance Data Export

When you log in to your Trustpilot account, you will see an overview of your review performance and an option to export the data. Once you click on the ‘Export’ button, a new window will pop up, prompting you to select what you want to export; reviews, TrustScore, invitations or Google search impressions. You can export by day or week.


You can integrate your Trustpilot profile with various platforms. Below is a list of platforms and software that allow integration with your Trustpilot review page.


1. WooCommerce

Download the Trustpilot plugin and upload it to your WordPress website. This plugin sends review requests and displays them in the TrustBox widget.

2. Shopify

Connect your domain and start collecting reviews from customers. Trustpilot will send automated review requests and display them on your Shopify store.

3. Magento

Download the Trustpilot zip file and upload it to your Magento Connect Manager. Configure settings to start collecting feedback.

4. BigCommerce

Search for the Trustpilot app on the App Marketplace and install it. Configure settings to start collecting reviews.

5. PrestaShop

Download the Trustpilot zip file and upload it to the PrestaShop Module Manager. Configure settings to automate the review generation process.

6. OpenCart

Download the Trustpilot zip file and upload it to the OpenCart Extensions Installer. Configure settings to enjoy Trustpilot’s features.

7. Salesforce

To integrate the Trustpilot review system with Salesforce, you need to integrate it with Zapier

8. WordPress

Trustpilot works with all WordPress websites. Install the Trustpilot plugin to start collecting and displaying your reviews.

Social Media Integrations

You can display your Trustpilot rating on your social media pages to automatically post reviews on your behalf. Currently, it integrates with the Hootsuite social media management platform. With social media integrations, you can automatically generate social media images with your customers’ reviews and feedback and then share them with your fans. Below are the platforms that allow integration with Trustpilot;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Hootsuite

Other Digital Marketing Software

Trustpilot also works with the following software;

  • Mailchimp
  • Google Tag Manager

Payment Gateways

If you are an online merchant who uses online gateways to receive payments, you can use Trustpilot to show people that you are authentic. Online shoppers need to know if they can trust you with their payment details. Here are the payment gateways you can integrate with your Trustpilot profile;

  • Paypal: This integration will show your customers’ email addresses and the time they made payments.
  • Square: This integration works with both Square online and point of sale. 

Customer Support Systems

  • Zendesk
  • Slack
  • Gorgias

Organic Performance on Google

You can see how many people are landing on your Trustpilot review page from organic search and the keywords they use to find your company profile. This data will help you to finetune your SEO efforts and focus on the most converting keywords. 

A/B Testing Feature

Another feature you can use on Trustpilot, especially if you are on the paid plans, is template comparison. This feature allows you to generate different invitation templates and see which one generates the most feedback. This A/B testing feature will enable you to collect as much feedback as possible to grow your TrustScore and generate more leads.


When you compare Trustpilot with other review systems, you will find that this system is at the top of the list. Yes, some review systems are free to use, but the challenge is getting authentic reviews. Trustpilot has invested in technologies that ensure you get reviews only from verified users. This review system is integrated with your invoicing and CRM systems to ensure that only verified buyers review your business. No competitor or bought reviews can find their way into your review page, making Trustpilot the go-to place for authentic reviews. 

With flexible features that allow you to collect and display customer feedback, a Trustpilot business subscription is a must-have tool for any business. Your profile will support all your online marketing functions, build trust with future customers, and help you continually improve your products or services. However, if you are not ready for a paid subscription, you can still generate as many as 100 reviews monthly with the free plan.

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