How to use the new Trustindex Setup Guide

Author: Victoria Csiga

We, at Trustindex, strive to deliver the fastest and easiest way for our clients to start using our software.

After a quick sign up, newcomers are greeted by our brand new Setup Guide.

In case you complete the guide within 3 days of signing up, you will be given a 30% discount on your subscription to Trustindex!

The process only consists of 3 easy steps, which takes a total of 5 minutes to complete.

1. Connecting your platforms

  • You have the option to choose from the most popular platforms to connect to your Trustindex account, such as Google, Facebook or Trustpilot
  • As soon as you’ve done that you can now search up your company’s name or PlaceID.
  • After saving you can now see all your connected platforms, delete them or add some more.
  • At this time you are able to connect 18 different platforms to your Trustindex account!

2. Creating the widget

  • You can create your very own widgets within this second step.
  • First you will need to pick the type and style of the widget, then you’ll have the option to access further settings and filters.
  • Within this menu you can pick which platform’s widget you’d like to alter as well as personalizing its style.
  • At the widget layout you can choose from: full width, sidebar, badge and popup styles.
  • At the widget style menu you can choose from 9 different styles.
  • After you’re done personalizing the look, you can now see the finished widget in a preview window, and fine-tune it with further settings as you wish.
  • This is where you have the option to only display 4 or 5 star, or only the 5 star reviews your business gets.
  • Lastly, after a quick save you can now access the generated source code which you can easily copy and paste into your website.

3. Review summary page

  • The last step is the configuration of the review summary page.
  • The review summary page provides an opportunity for you to showcase all of your business’ reviews in one place. This increases consumer trust thus increasing your sales as well.
  • You can add other useful details and contact information like adress, social media links and access advanced settings.
  • If you wish to receive a notification of every new review your business gets, you have the option to turn this feature on here.
  • Fort he configuration to be successful you have to add at least 2 new information about your company and only then are you able to click save.

After completing these 3 steps you are now all set! You have successfully connected your business to Trustindex.

In case you get stuck at any of these steps during the setup process, feel free to contact our team at

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