How does the online trust building work?

Discover how you can gain more customers with Trustindex, without increasing your marketing expenses!

Get many more satisfied customer reviews

Collect real customer reviews effortlessly and automatically on Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp. Thanks to our automated review collecting system, you can get hundreds of genuine reviews.

In our system you can tag the reviews you have received.

Integrate your customers’ reviews into your sales system and website

Thanks to the tags, your reviews can be displayed in a way as never before, through filters set to unique conditions.

A programmer is not required to integrate the reviews, and it takes only a few minutes. Insert your positive reviews into your email signature, newsletters, website and into every segment of the sales process!

Increase your conversions and sales

Build in the received reviews to each and every segment of your sales system, and to the appropriate pages of your website or webshop, to increase new visitors’ trust, your conversions, and sales.

Due to the high customer trust the performance indicators of your existing campaigns and online traffic will improve, further increasing your revenues.

Be present on online channels and tools where you could not be before

Due to higher customer trust index, you can advertise on online platforms, channels and tools/devices, where you could not previously, or only at a loss, with your unfavourable performance indexes.

Thanks to this, you can further increase your revenues.

Improve the quality of your services or products

Utilize the recieved reviews and improve the quality of your services or the usability of your products even further.

Improve the customer experience with your sales system on each and every point of interaction with our help. This system works as a whole only if you truly offer a high quality product or service!

Increase the number of your visitors from Google search

The results of your positive reviews can be displayed among Google’s organic search results.

Thanks to this your website will receive a larger platform and more click-throughs on Google’s search result lists, thus you can get even more visitors and customers for your website.

Boost your sales with real customer reviews!

Win the trust of your visitors and get more customers without spending a dime more on marketing!

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