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Collect reviews automatically

Would you like to collect hundreds of reviews on Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor and Yelp automatically?

Collect genuine and credible reviews with the help of our system sending timed e-mails automatically, requesting feedback from your customers after they use your service or purchase.

Show your reviews on your website

Would you like to build trust with your new clientele with efficiency never seen before?

Show your visitors the quality of your service or product with the help of beautiful review displaying widgets that can be easily inserted into your website.

Insert the positive reviews into your newsletters

Would you like to juice up your boring, flat newsletters and e-mails?

With the help of our professional widgets that can be quickly inserted into your newsletters and transaction emails without any developer experience, show your readers the excellent reviews of your company and let everyone know about the quality of your product or service.

Have a beautiful and truly useful e-mail signature

Would you like to jazz up your boring e-mail signature?

With the help of the aggregate badges that can be easily inserted to the end of your e-mails without any developer experience, you can collect reviews more efficiently, or you can show potential clients and interested parties why they should choose you.

Handle all received reviews in one place

Would you like to collect and handle all the reviews from multiple platforms in one place?

If you do not have the time to log in and out from one site to another, connect our system with various review collecting websites to display or handle all reviews efficiently, in one place.

Handle the received reviews with ease

Do you have an unmanageable number of customer reviews or client feedbacks?

With the help of the built-in tags you can sort and categorize your existing and newly received reviews automatically or manually.

Filter freely among the received reviews

Would you like to always display relevant reviews on your category and landing pages?

When adjusting the review displaying widgets, you can set the tags to filter the most relevant reviews according to specific conditions.

Tag the received reviews automatically

Would you like to tag the large number of reviews automatically?

With the help of the built-in tagger you can tag old and new reviews automatically or manually, with efficiency never seen before.

Show your reviews in Google Search

Would you like to display your real reviews in Google Search?

Show your company’s reviews in aggregate data format on Google search results pages and get many more click-throughs from the search engine.

Share the received reviews with your clients

Would you like to share the new reviews of your company with your clients automatically on Facebook?

Catch the eye of your active followers regularly! If you prefer, our system can automatically share the reviews on your Facebook page according to pre-set conditions.

Improve your efficiency with the help of our statistics

Would you like to see the efficiency of our system month by month?

With the help of our attractive and well arranged management reports you can get up-to-date about the efficiency of our system in no time.

We save you time from the start!

Would you like to significantly increase your customers’ trust with just 10 minutes of work each week?

By using Trustindex you will be able to automatically collect, tag, and efficiently handle a large number of reviews from the start, with only 10 minutes of work weekly.

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Win the trust of your visitors and gain up to 70% more customers without spending a dime more on marketing!

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